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A still from Encanto. Mirabel and Alma/Abuela hug.
Credit: Disney

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The Ugly Monster Has THE BEST Opinions

Encanto is a Beautiful Film, Despite Its Flaws

“When one watches it it feels like there are things missing in it. There is a sense of discomfort between what you have observed and what you think you should have felt, between the text itself and the experience you had with the text.”

She-Hulk Is Amazing (the comic book, not the show)

“It’s actually astonishing that Marvel somehow managed to butcher her character.”

7 Fascinating Neo-Noir Films To Watch Right Now

“Crime. Mystery. Neon. All the ingredients we need for a night full of twists and visual feasts gather in this list, whether you want to watch a cross-genre film or a more traditional outtake.”

Is It A Crime?: The Relationship between True Crime and Romance

“…the ideal romance centers on a heroine who is intelligent, humorous, and independent, with the narrative focused on unfolding a love relationship that seems impossible but ends in a traditional happy ending. Similarly, the true crime genre offers another form of romance and fantasy to its female fans.”



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