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The Ugly Monster’s Horribly Irregular Email Update

Here are our most popular reads from the summer. You should read them a lot.

Autistic Representation in Hollywood Sucks

“Good autistically coded characters are where autistic people go for good representation in media because portrayals of us are so shitty.”

‘Honor Among Thieves’ Looks Way More Fun Than Actual D&D

“The trailer for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves feels NOTHING like actual D&D.

…there are better games to spend your time and money on.”

Top Ten Board Games that Don’t Work (for me)

“It’s no secret that as you play board games you will invariably run across games that don’t spark joy...”

So, my dad owns a pencil company now

“The Autopoint pencil company was a major player in the mechanical pencil world for most of the 20th century with many fans even to this day. I say “was” because as of this year, they don’t exist anymore...”

Magus’ Heresy: A 30 Minute Dungeon for oD&D

“Treasure! So much treasure! And only minor peril! Come check out the dolmen stones near Caldera Edge.”

Playing Every Game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality | ‘Theorem’ and ‘Chimpology

“Theorem is a 3D spatial puzzle game… Players will attempt to solve 3D puzzles by rotating a block so that the dongle enters the exit. The issue is that the player only ‘rotates’ the block, and cannot simply go where they please.”



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