How In The World Do Exes Always Know When You’re Almost Over Them?

Photo Credit: Lala/Instagram

A few weeks ago news broke that Carmelo Anthony and Lala were calling it quits. That wasn’t a total shocker to fans, who could always tell from photos that the duo never seemed too thrilled to be around each other. Theirs were far from couples goals. Point to a photo that showed the couple oozing chemistry and over the moon for each other. I’ll wait.

But like any typical man, Melo wasn’t ready to let go just yet. Shortly after the world found out rumors that he had a side chick, and that she’s expecting, he showed the tell tale sign of an ex ready to chime back into your life. He pulled the modern day “hey stranger” — a like on one of Lala’s latest IG posts, where the actress was looking bad AF.

Photo Credit: Lala/Instagram

He couldn’t let her shine, without hinting that he’s there watching. Much like any of our exes. Who hasn’t had an ex-flame come back into the picture, just as soon as you got done posting a sexy selfie? They see you thriving, they can’t stay away.

The question here isn’t really why they do this. We’re more concerned with the epic timing that exes have. At times, I’ve been convinced that men have a secret network, a GPS of sorts that tracks emotions. It alerts them the very second when we pull our shit together and start moving on, and that’s precisely when they swoop back in. Obviously that’s a far-fetched idea, that someone should definite consider making a rom-com about…but I know I’m not the only woman who’s dealt.

Typically this comes at the hand of a fuckboy that’s easy to decline. What’s dangerous, as in Lala’s case, is when this happens with the great love of your life. It’s harder to ignore their “hey it’s been so long” texts, as much as you know you probably should.

We’ll have to see how Lala decides to play this one out. As of now, it looks like she’s putting up a tough fight.

As for you…the next time an ex hits you with that BS, let him at least double text before you think about hitting him back.

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