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Top 5 Lead Generation Challenges

Why is my business not able to generate more organic leads?

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This is one of the major issues for many entrepreneurs, startups, founders, CEO, CMO, Marketers, who focus on growing the business.

Is your brand online yet? Do you have a robust lead generation in place?

Is that a Yes?

But your marketing engine is not extremely productive, not getting enough leads.

Still less traffic, and a huge bounce rate? You probably did everything that experts give a checklist of.…

The chief provides checklist for building a better website

But wait have you checked for leaky buckets? Is your implementation full proof?

What are your top-performing assets? Have you focused on tracking and analyzing your actions?

If not let me tell you that is one of the crucial steps to understand why there is no growth. The first step to know where you are losing your revenue.

Let’s identify these challenges.

Before we start, please allow me to ask you these question:

  1. Is your virtual salesperson(your website) ready to sell GLOBALLY?
  2. Is it equipped with the right content to tell people?
  3. Is it targeting the right audience?
  4. Will it be able to convince the visitor to become a customer?
  5. Are you connected to your customer worldwide to make them your promoters?
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Meanwhile, Let's talk about the challenges faced while executing the above well:

1. Many Fail to provide a Quality Website

Your website is the portal to attract clients and make money.

Your salesman.

It will sell your business to your customers.

We groom our salesperson to offer the audience our solutions, the website works on identical lines. The only difference is that at one time a website can cater to 1000ssss of people while the salesperson can address one brand or say give a speech once in a while to 100s in an event.

Do you notice the difference?

Okay! We understand the importance. What we don’t understand is the problem that lies. A website had two aspects:

A. The website has to be an expert and educate people with the right content

B. Deliver a good user experience. Nah! Amazing user experience. Remember we are in the zone where

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Did you know: A Bad Website could Kill 88% consumers. Learn How?

While working with startups, I have noticed many cater to A but they miss out on B or vice versa.

Both are equally essential.

We do not have to put all the content on the website. Only the necessary ones however, we can link all the extra content to the webpage.

Many repeat the content over and over again.

By the way, that's called duplicate content which is not advisable. Carrying out disapproved practices of Optimization is wrong, also known as Bat Hat SEO. We would not even know when we get hit by a Panda update on our SEO.

Heard companies say, there was an update that google came up with and suddenly the traffic has fallen. You could have even noticed something like this but were all confused as to why is it happening. Check out all the panda updates here.

We know our product/service and I understand we are the expert. However, we are not supposed to push the entire information down the visitor's throat.

Imagine school teachers doing that to students. !!!!!

That’s why it is important to understand human psychology, accordingly decide on the flow of the data.

Remember: Your website should look clean, neat and should be a genius. It builds reliability on the viewer.

This does not end here.

(want to bookmark this for later. Check on your left side. You will find a save the story icon.)

Next Aspect is Navigating the Visitors.

We have to guide our visitors to take the next step. Trust me, it completely depends on you if you want them to explore further into your website or you want them to bounce off. Want to know how?

Things to keep in mind:

> Understand what is their motive and take them to their solution.

>Use CTAs, Sidebar notification, Navigation bar etc.

>Also, ensure your website is mobile friendly. Specially after the 2019 when google announced first mobile indexing and also because majority of people browse through sites on their phone.

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The Urban Chief

“Why is it so important to get it right? All our marketing posts, collaterals, any kind of communication will get our visitor to land on our website to take a any buying decision.”

2. Challenge to create Relevant, Relatable, and Reliable content

Remember how we spoke about content earlier. We can provide only the information that visitors want to hear and when they want to hear.

The best way to understand that is understanding the buyers journey and content regarding it.

Buyer Journey is very important | The Urban Chief
Buyer Journey

Let's start dividing our content into three stages:

  1. Awareness — use it to get visitors
  2. Consideration — use it to convert visitors to
  3. Decision — use it convert visitors to customers

Use the huge space provided by the internet.

Create blogs, infographics, videos, ebooks landing pages, etc, to educate the customer when they need it.


The more pages you create, the better impact of your SEO.

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~All the posts to be connected to the website but not kept on the website.

~Make sure your content is not very salesy but very educational.

~Content needs to be optimized well to work well out there.

Check out: The 8 Main Different Types of Content & How to Use Them

Follow us for more such tips:

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3. Not utilizing the platforms well, where your audience hang out the most: Social Channels

Do you really know where to promote your content? Which platform will actually get your returns for your action?

Do you know which platform does your audience hangs out with the most? and if you do are you utilizing it well.

Most companies I have seen have still not completely understood that social media can get you more and more qualified leads and customers. BUT IF done correctly. If you are only going to simply keep posting with no value and for no purpose at all, it's only a wastage. I would say stop misusing that effort and investment.

Let's make a pact, any effort that doesn't move our needle. Shut it or Optimize it immediately.

Let's first try and find out where your audience likes hanging out.

Check out the list of Platforms available

What's next to check out in social media.


>What you are thinking of doing is already been done by your competitors. We have to innovate and come with a different approach that gets on to the eyes of your audience. Make sure what you promote is different, eye-catching but also relevant.

> The second challenge here is to be consistent. Take it from me. As I learned this the hard way.

Social Media Strategy is one of the most powerful tools available. Though we think that it's dead and it's not important to be on social media. Our customers hang out there the most and the new interaction feature in social media channels have made it one of the most powerful tool. This feature makes it a two-way communication channel. Giving the power to the customers to review the brands.

For beginners, Click to know more about how to kickstart your social media.

> Third, involves a lot of time creating, posting, responding, and monitoring. Time is crucial, especially for new and small businesses. There are many tools to help you get your work done faster. I personally like Canva to create and schedule. There are other tools like Buffer, Hootsuite.


Carry out these activities

  • Posting
  • Optimizing the Platform — Bio, Image, Description, call to action, banner, avoid stock image
  • take care of the Timing & Hashtags
  • Use Interaction — Polls, Messengers, Quiz & Stories ( best part about social media platforms — 2-way communication)
  • Direct Messaging
  • Social Listening
  • Connection Building
  • Group Posting
  • Commenting and Engaging
  • Group Building

Use a different type of Creatives: video, gif, infographic, opinion-based, company culture, etc

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4. Build a strong coversion process

What happens after someone visits your website?

Most consumers almost all consumers never make a purchase decision in the first visit.

What is a conversion process?

The entire process of getting visitor and converting them into a customer and then the prospect is called the conversion process

We need to connect with them and push them further in the buyer journey in a delightful manner.

That’s why we need a conversion process in place.

When does a visitor turn into a lead? When we have the information of our prospect customers, who are considering to choose us to solve their problem.


How can we do that? Provide them with free information that will guide them to understanding the issue and how to approach the issue.


Let's say you wanted to do something different this weekend, so you hop on the travel&trek site. You found this amazing trek but never heard of it before. You like the itinerary and you are fascinated with the scenic view. This could your first trek or at least the first time to the place. All confused and excited at the same time. That's when a box pops up on your screen and says,


Download our Devkhund Waterfall Ebook. This will take you through the trekker's experience and provide a checklist of things to carry with you on the trek. You will also find the history behind this beautiful spot and a few comments from our trek mates. (Download)

Will you download it?

Yes / No? I am going to leave that answer to you. But I know people who were really interested in that trek would say yes.

Give them something valuable but at the time when they are looking for it to convert them into leads.

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But the real question is how to figure their need.

You remember we spoke about dividing the content into three sections: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

When you map your topics under them as per the nature of the content. You will know what and where to place in the buyer's journey. This is called Content Mapping.


  1. List all the blog topics you have under the above category.
  2. Design & Create valuable giveaways (consideration topics)for all the awareness blogs


2. Check out the blog that is doing very well with the help of Google Analytics and place a freebie there.

***If you are confused, or not sure of what you have mapped. Email the same on The Chief will guide you on your content mapping within 48 hours. (no hidden cost just consultation on content mapping for free)

5. Challenge to connect with the right people for your brand

Gone are the days where we would pitch to anyone without knowing if they have an intent for it. Its time consuming, energy-consuming and you have experienced a lot of money and resource being burnt and wasted behind it.

That’s why it's important to know whom to target.

You want to hear the solution.

The One Solution

Buyer Persona & Keywords

Building a buyer's persona is highly crucial. Yes, it is a little lengthy and time-consuming at the beginning, but once it is built you do not have to waste any time nor your energy or money behind targeting the wrong audience.

Learn how to build a buyer persona. With this you will never go wrong in targeting. I give you my assurance, if you are still going wrong connect with me, and let's figure this out. Schedule

These are the primary challenges that we just spoke about. However, there are some internal challenges of marketing too.

You must get rid of these challenges soon.

Marketing is not only about getting leads back to the company, it is about getting the right leads, converting them into customers, and then promoters.

Inbound Marketing is to use digital marketing activities in a strategic way to achieve a specific goal. It helps brands to be in front of their audience when they need it.

Right Time, Right Place & Right Content.

That's how the inbound sales increase.

Once the challenges mentioned above are worked upon. You automatically will also see a change in the SEO rank, traffic, and conversion.


I am the Chief, A Growth Marketer and Certified Inbound Marketer.

At an early age, I learned that sales were an important aspect of running a business. I started my career as a Sales Executive, then grew into Growth Marketing. It became my passion. Marketing to me is a way to provide my sales team with sales qualified leads. Sales is my only goal and building a strong foundation for marketing is my first step towards the goal. Both go hand in hand.

I am a growth marketer and business developer & with the intention to help people and brands grow efficiently.

You believe you have a great product. I will help you reach your target audience at the right time, right place in a cost effective and optimised way.

68% of the buying decision is done before meeting or talking to the Sales Representative.

This 68% depends on how strong our inbound marketing has been.

In the high-tech super-connected world, everyone communicates digitally and if you want to grow you need to have a strategy. Since everyone now exists in the digital dimension, we have to face the challenge of immense competition on the internet.

Share your opinion or your concern with me at

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