Dear Techie, Can we share knowledge?

Learning is a vital aspect of life that we need to keep up with. The day we stop learning, that day we don’t just die mentally, but the world leaves us behind. If learning is important for everyone, much more is it for people in the tech space. you need to develop the ability to learn by researching, experimenting, creating tools never created and challenging what is acceptable creating new algorithm to solve old problems. That’s why you spend the sleepless night,looking endlessly into the screen with a cup of coffee or what ever works for you by your side. Learning by working and working and learning. We never stop learning in this field. A clear example is the recent argument by two tech giants Elon musk and mark zuckerberg about AI (Artificial Intelligence) with Elon must quoted as saying on twitter ‘’I’ve talked to Mark about this. His understanding of the subject is limited.’’

Wow!!! We just never stop learning,even the big ones learn daily.But one thing is learning on your own is limited in a way. As a techie who want to grow fast, Shared learning is very important to career growth. it speeds you up and opens you to a resource of both knowledge and people who can help you learn and achieve more in less time.Which working in isolation would never give you. its a two way thing. you have the privilege to help someone become better with what you have learnt on your own and also have the opportunity to learn from another who is better than you or even on the same level or below you. Its about building a strong knowledge ecosystem to advance technology and its economic importance to all.

We need to start coming together as a community given to the advancement of knowledge in our locality and beyond. in our specific areas of interest and stacks so we can create things and move fast . if you are a developer located anywhere, look for others and start a shared learning ecosystem. meet , learn ,connect, build things together and advance technology in your area. For us here in calabar, we are not sitting down to watch. If you are a frontend developer, Ux/Ui and interaction designer or an enthusiast join our learning community on facebook.

FrontendX Nigeria is a community of UI/UX designers, Frontend developers and enthusiast interested in sharing, contributing to and advancing knowledge within our immediate tech space and the industry at large.

And we will be having our meetup this Saturday register here

Lets enable peer learning and knowledge sharing. don’t do it all alone.