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Balu B
Balu B
May 2, 2020 · 2 min read

Well, where do I start? A junior asked a teacher, the teacher asked me, I took a class and VanGuard was born. End of Story, I’m not good at writing crap like this.

I'm the guy in white doing a weird Kung fu pose.

If you guys were hoping to hear a story that would stand beside the origin stories of great inventors, you are going to be very, very disappointed. What I talked about earlier was pretty much it.

VanGuard is a club made by noobs for noobs to share our skills with each other, learn anything that draws our interest, and frankly go overboard in attempting to make stuff. It was born after my friends and I organized a workshop for my juniors in college after a student asked my teacher to organize a class on a topic I was considered proficient in(Trust me. This was the totality of VanGuard’s origin).

In its early days, VanGuard was a Whatsapp group for juniors who attended my workshop to post images and videos of the stuff they built. Later it became a hackathon centric group after many of the participants were super curious to learn more about the competitions after I posted some stuff after participating in several hackathons. At this point, VanGuard became something more than just a place to share pictures or ask for an occasional opinion. People began working on harder projects, tried out multiple domains, and started their ideas for review and advice. VanGuard became a place to seek and give advice, a local “StackOverflow” if you may.

It was meant to be a small group with people from my college circle, but after looking at how badly people wanted to join this group at hackathons I took part in, I started bringing people from all kinds of places(colleges, startups, IT professionals and so on). An act I’m happy to have done.

Can you find the guy calling for an SOS in Morse??

VanGuard is a chilled out place where you can meet people with common interests and maybe build a project together, gather people for a hackathon, or just simply have a contest on who made the stupidest error (yup we’ve had this for some time). Just join VanGuard to be part of our crazy little slice of the world.

Our logo, I stole the design from somewhere(don't report it)


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