Three investors breaking the mold

The Founders of TheVentureCity and our partner, Monica Simó Black enter the Top Women investors in LAVCA

Rosa Jiménez Cano
Nov 13, 2018 · 2 min read

Translation by Francina Nunez.

Our fonder Laura González-Estefani and co-founder Clara Bullrich along with one of our Fund Partner, Mónica Simó Black, have been selected to be in “Top Women Investing in Latin American Tech.” The prestigious list compiled by LAVCA, the association for private capital investment in Latin America, includes 82 female investment professionals that are actively working to create change in the investment world.

Currently only 17% of startups have female founders. Additionally they get significantly less VC funding and are extremely underrepresented compared to their male counterparts. We are proud that Laura, Clara and Mónica, among the other women on our team, are helping us break these stereotypes and move the needle on the gender gap within tech.

At TheVentureCity we know that the transformation of the startup ecosystem must be more inclusive and more diverse. We believe in investing in companies that impact, whose mission is fueled by making the world better place, and whose founders think big and are motivated by the end user’s experience.

We have a unique perspective thanks to the women leading our team and we will never stop pushing ourselves. We want the number of “Top Women” at TheVentureCity to grow year by year. Our enthusiasm in helping grow companies with impact will not stop, and we are convinced that this impact will only achieved once we have true balance in the tech ecosystem. We believe in and support equal opportunity.

This is reflected in our startup portfolio and the many companies we work with that have female founders such as Woom, Educartis, NomNom and Boatsetter. In 2019 we are looking to add many more female-founded companies that will continue to help us break the mold.


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