One month almost down. Eleven more to go.

13 women share their self-care resolutions for 2017

Relaxing, de-stressing, stretching and more.

New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes they’re more problematic than they are inspiring.

As part of Recharge, our series on self-care, we asked Pay Up members to share the goals they’ve set to keep them healthy and happy (emphasis on the happy) over the next 12 months. People mentioned workout routines and diet tweaks, sure, but even more listed meditation, relaxation and (that holiest of holies) vacation.

Read on for more inspiration as you prep your own resolutions and non-resolutions for 2017. And good luck to us all.

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  • “Run more, worry less.” — Bethany Ross
  • “My resolution is to be more confident this year!” — Alisa Herr
  • “One is to meditate more, be more mindful. I got an Apple watch and I love the Breathe app. Also, to feel less obliged to consume internet content that stresses me out, and read books instead!” — Alanna Burke
  • “I’ve been unsubscribing to newsletters, deleting people on Facebook, cleaning my feedly.” — Nicte Trujillo
Ah, yes. Me time.
  • “I got the two-floats-a-month membership at [truerest is a float spa network with locations across the country] so I don’t have to worry about having the time and money and inclination to go. It helps relax me and should help with my back as long as I go regularly (and by ‘regularly’ I mean more than every six weeks).” — Shauna Gordon
  • “I usually make self-care resolutions pertaining to diet or exercise, but this year, I said f — — that — I’m not gonna beat myself up for not sticking to The Trendy New Plan From Fitness Magazines 2k17. I’m just gonna strive to eat better and stay more active in general, because not hating yourself for ‘failing,’ and being proud of your efforts regardless = self-care.” — Stefanie Gray
  • “I disabled some notifications on my phone and I am spending time away from it. It will ring if there is an emergency, so there is no need to keep it buzzing around me all the time. Also, I am trying to check social media fewer times a day. I can only spend time on Facebook and Twitter at night if I finish my reading first. Let’s see if it works!” — Ligia Aguilhar
Never “Monday” again.
  • “What I’ve been doing is a) packing my lunch (and gym bag or derby bag), if that’s what the day calls for the night before, and b) laying out my clothes (down to the jewelry I’ll wear). Then I can just roll out of bed, wake the kids, and shower.” — Meg Ward
  • “Get my sh — — together in the mornings! I’m two for two. My husband left for two weeks so I had to get up with the dog at 6 a.m. and I found it made so many areas of my life better and I learned that I could do it if I had some kind of responsibility or had to get up. Well he came back and I went right back to sleeping in/snoozing then rushing to work. So I looked for an app that would force me to get up and I did! It’s called Kiwake and it’s great! (annoying, but works). It makes you stretch, there is no snooze option, and you have to get up and take a photo somewhere in your house, do some games, and review your own motivations that you set up. I think it’s really gonna help.” — Christine Maggi
Be pampered.
  • “I’m focusing on slowing down, more time for reflection and relaxation before bed, and getting quality sleep. I’d like to have 60 minutes of exercise a day as well. It doesn’t matter what it is — walking, yoga, hiking, running. Just get up and move a little!” — Amy Heather
  • “Resolution: Really working hard outside the session on what I’m doing in therapy. I’m a classic HSP [highly sensitive personality]/over-analyzer/thought-addict, so we’ve been focusing on dispelling all that unnecessary analysis. It’s doing miracles in my relationship.” — Tassia Bezdeka
  • “It is my intention this year to build up my Team Me, but specifically the subset that is medical professionals. it was amazing to finally find a therapist last year, and this year I want to finally get glasses again after 15 years of squinting, and find a doctor after 6 years of ‘it’ll clear up on its own’-style health care. So quite literally prioritizing caring for myself this year, and even in a very traditional sense!” — Rachel Condie
  • “I realize a lot of my intentions for this year are self-care related. I haven’t decided on a resolution or word for 2017 yet, but I’m using a Panda Planner to get myself organized, so I’ve already thought out some goals and focus for this day/week/month.” — Angelique Weger

What’s your self-care resolution for 2017? Tell us in the comments!

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