Intro to The Why And The What

Daniel Kahn
Mar 5, 2019 · 2 min read

This is a transcript of Episode 1, “Intro to The Why And The What,” from The Why And The What — Product Management Podcast.

Hi, and welcome to “The Why And The What,” a podcast on Product Management. My name is Daniel Kahn, and I am your host for this series where we’re going to be doing a dive into Product Management by having conversations with the people who know it best. This is episode 1, and this is the only episode that is going to take this format, where we’re not actually conducting an interview, but it’s really just here to tell you a little bit about what you can expect in the upcoming episodes in this podcast series.

We’re going to be doing this as an interview-style podcast where we’re going to be chatting with three categories of people in and around Product.

The first of which are the people who are really in the trenches of Product, the individual contributors who are finding value for users and customers. These are the Product Managers, Product Owners, Technical Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, where we’re going to want to understand how they got into their positions in Product to begin with, what’s their origin stories, and how they think about delivering value to users, and what their typical days look like in their roles.

The second category that we’re going to be chatting with are the Product leaders, the directors, VPs, C-level execs, managers of Product teams, that are responsible at the strategy level of product at their organizations, as well as managing Product teams, so we can chat with them a little bit about what it’s like when they’re hiring Product people, and how they think about evaluating their team members throughout the year, and just really how they think about Product when they’re thinking about it from a leadership perspective.

The third category we’re going to be having conversations with are people who are adjacent to Product, but working with Product in some capacity. So, these are going to be the stakeholders that Product is regularly in conversation with. People like Marketing, and Sales, and people who are on the Engineering team, as well as sometimes possibly even chatting with users who’ve come through a user interview, or with other thought leaders who have something interesting to say about Product and Product Management.

So if you would like to join me on this journey of diving into Product Management with the people who know it best, please subscribe to this podcast in your feed, and I’ll be back in your ear with an interview on Product Management soon.

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