4 Creative Entreprenuers On Making New Year’s Resolutions (Or Not)

Dena Ogden
Jan 3, 2018 · 3 min read

Those of you who’ve been following all along at home might have seen some of our social posts referencing Creative Enterprise, a 12-week business and professional development program that The Woodsy was privileged to be a part of. As it turns out, entrepreneurs tend to be a fairly motivated bunch, so when it came time to explore the topic of New Year’s resolutions, the other members of my cohort were some of the first I thought to check with. Here’s what they had to say:

Roin Morigeau, Artist:

“I like to make a BIG list, instead of a resolution. Ten big things I’d like to get done in the year. Some years this list comes more easily then others. It can be compartmentalized into categories too: career, personal, health, relationships, etc. As someone with chronic pain, I’m always reminding myself to be gentle with myself. Some years are a 3 out of 10 years and some are a perfect 10. “

Erin, Colladay Leather:

“The new year tends to be a time of reflection in the Colladay household. We like to take ourselves on a date to a local coffee house and just marvel at what the year has held, what we’ve learned, what we’ve survived. Inevitably, looking back turns to looking forward and the leather-bound notebook comes out. And a list fills the page. Not really a list of resolutions or boxes to check. Just a list of dreams, ideas, goals — a direction in which to move in the new season.”

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Heidi Farr, Artist:

“I make my New Year’s resolution list like I make my to-do list at home; I start with three or four things I’ve already accomplished, then add one thing I need to do. So my list looks like this right now:
1. Get a painting in a gallery
2. Get to a dress size 14
3. Read one-third of the way through at least 5 books
4. Eat more vegetables.

As far as why I do this: to make myself laugh, mainly, but also to remind myself not to take a new calendar year too seriously.”

Celia, Celia Friedman Interior Design:

“I usually don’t set New Year’s resolutions, until last January when I decided to stop drinking alcohol and coffee for one year. I decided to do this because I never knew when drinking either of the beverages would make me feel bad, and I was also noticing an increase in anxiety and panic attacks. One year later and I successfully did it. In the past, other New Year’s resolutions have forced something that I’m not ready for. This one stuck because it had been years in the making and I was finally ready to commit.”

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Header photo by Brooke Lark, body photos by Glenn Carstens-Peters & NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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