9 Super Boring Gifts That People In PNW Actually Love

Dena Ogden
Dec 22, 2016 · 3 min read

We enjoy a good gift round-up as much as the next person, but putting a real one together requires gift-giving expertise and early shopping habits, two things that we can’t exactly claim. Still, over the years we have noticed some correlations between gifts that we love, and gifts that are commonly dismissed as “boring” or “basic.” And, no, this isn’t meant to be a hint for any of our own family members who are doing last minute shopping. This is merely a show of solidarity for anyone else out there who’s hesitant to put one of these on their list, or someone out there who might be standing in front of a rack in the mall, attempting to talk themselves out of something below for fear of disappointing the recipent. Don’t. If they’re anything like us, they’ll love it.


Why do socks-as-gifts get a bad wrap? Socks are a necessity, but rarely one we think to purchase for ourselves. And, if we’re going to be totally honest, the ones that others tend to buy are nicer than what we’d buy for ourselves. That’s a win.


We can always use more mugs, especially during a PNW winter, when there’s plenty of hot chocolate, cider, chai, toddies, and Tom and Jerrys to be had.


If we’re going to be completely honest, we’re forever in need of excuses to grow our sweater collections. They’re always on my mind, especially at Christmas.


Books are glorious to give and receive, and anyone who tells you otherwise should simply not be trusted.


We’ve already stated our affinity for scarves, but of course it never hurts to repeat it. We love having them, and we love unwrapping them.

Blank Notebooks

What’s that? You’re wondering why we need more even though there’s like six of them already lined up on our shelves? Well, some questions just don’t have answers. Life is funny sometimes.


Do pens need to accompany blank notebooks? No, of course not. But do they want to accompany blank notebooks? Probably. Who are we to limit them from fulfilling their destinies?


Show us someone who doesn’t love a good fuzzy blanket in every room of their home, and we will show you someone who is not living life to the fullest.


Fancy candles never go out of style…until their wicks burn down and wax gets all melted. But up until that point, they’re great to have and always a welcome addition around the holidays.

Happy shopping!

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