A Morning With Julianna D’Angelo, Our Beloved Silent Partner And Fav Soloprenuer

Dena Ogden
Nov 15, 2016 · 5 min read

Editor’s note: Julianna has been a dear friend to both The Woodsy founders, and is the person who introduced us. She also happens to be a ladyboss solopreneuer with her own accounting consultancy, and a wonderful mom to two beautiful girls. Since she’s her own boss, we asked her to share a bit about how she shapes her mornings.

Name: Julianna D’Angelo

Where did you grow up: Federal Way, WA

Where do you live now: Mukilteo WA

What do you consider home (if not the above)?: Seattle

What is your career path?: After graduating with my masters in accountancy, I worked at a public accounting firm for a few years before moving into corporate accounting and eventually real estate finance. After the birth of my second daughter I branched out on my own as an accounting consultant, entering my fourth year now.


What other passions do you have?: I like that you call my career path a passion. Before I had children, my hobbies were reading, enjoying live theater, and saying yes to everything. Lately my passions seem to be to simplify my life by decluttering my house, my mind and my obligations.

How can people find you on the internet?: julianna@jdyaccounting.com

How do you take your coffee?: With either a meal replacement shake added to it, or French vanilla half & half. If it’s a latte — then a Grande Soy Vanilla latte.

How do you prefer to take notes and write?: Pen, usually with a post it note, or the notepad on my computer.

Favorite season in the Northwest?: It used to be the fall, but after having kids it is turning into summer. I simply love watching them enjoy the sunshine and the freedom to run around.

How do you protect yourself from the rain?: If it can be arranged, I don’t leave my house. If that’s not the case, I have boots in excess, and two rain coats I alternate. I keep an umbrella handy but rarely have a hand available to hold it.

julianna's flatlay final 2.jpg
julianna's flatlay final 2.jpg

Walk us through your morning:

5:30/6am: Coffee, Dishes, sit down to get work done before my kids wake up

6am: Daily to do list, which is usually carry over from the night before.

6–7:45: Work and respond to client emails

7:45/8: Get the kids breakfast, get dressed and made up

8:00–8:50: Chaos. Getting the preschoolers out the door.

9:30: Drop off girls, proceed to coffee shop for more client work

Do you like mornings? Why or why not?: I like them when I feel like they aren’t against me in some way!

Are you a morning person? Why or why not?: I want to be. I like myself better when I wake up and start my day early. I am also more productive…but the truth of it is, it requires significant effort.


What’s your getting-ready-for-the-day routine?: I shower the night before, and twist my hair in a clip so it air dries overnight. It saves me a ton of time in the morning. I mentally prepare my clothing options the night before and make sure they are clean and ready. I’ve also got my make-up routine down to ten minutes and can typically pull myself together in fifteen minutes, with an added five for getting my gear together and getting out the door.

What is your dream morning? How close is your regular routine to your ideal?: I have incorporated a few elements into my current morning routine such as emptying the dishwasher, and waking up early to begin working, but I really want to seriously start the day with some exercise which will not begin until I start going to bed earlier.

What have you learned from building your own morning routine (while working for yourself)?: I’ve learned that a routine is necessary tool for getting any work done that day, but I need to continue to develop it to meet my personal needs, the needs of my business and the needs of my children. I think I’m getting there.


How does your current morning routine compare to when you had an office job? Or even to other phases of your life? When I had an office job, my day felt more productive and my morning was a bit more controlled. I wasn’t trying to allocate time to early morning working before my children woke up because I had a full and guaranteed day at the office. So we all woke up, ate and dressed ourselves, and were off. Now, I feel like there is more room for error to get out of sync with my routine. Since I try and squeeze in my first leg of work for the day in those early hours, if I get distracted or can’t motivate myself, or my children happen to awake early, I’ve lost that time which sets me back for the day, and possibly the week. I understand things can definitely go wrong when the entire fam is heading out together but it is much easier to slack on your own morning time, than to postpone your arrival time at the office. At least that is the case for me.

What’s on your mind first thing?: “How did I not get out of bed earlier? I have so much work to finish!”

What are your coffee/caffeine habits?: I tend so sip on coffee all day. I need to make a sincere effort to drink water instead.

What is your breakfast routine?: Protein meal replacement shake added to my coffee. Hard Boiled egg if I have time.


What is your favorite thing about mornings? I absolutely adore a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Even better, is that fresh cup of coffee in a quiet house with the early morning light shining in the window. It gives me a bit of time for quiet reflection that just cannot be captured at any other moment of the day.


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