Come on in.

Dena Ogden
Nov 12, 2016 · 3 min read
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To our readers, our friends, and our families (with a special shout-out to those of you that fit two, or even three, of those categories): Welcome.


On the day I’m drafting this, I’m drinking tea (ginger peach) under a fleece blanket near a window showing me a foggy fall morning and yellow leaves on my neighbor’s trees. I’m appreciative, I’m grateful, and I’m excited. I hope you agree that we have lots of reasons to be.

The work we’ve done on this project has solidified friendships, renewed enthusiasm for this region, and opened up our eyes to the countless ways that the PNW is like no other place. To say we’re excited to share these discoveries with you is an understatement. This site you’re viewing is approximately 1.5 years in the making (though if you factor in our combined years of experience with the Pacific Northwest, it’s more like 65 years in the making), and we can’t wait to grow it and develop it with you, our readers.

In the meantime, a few points of explanation. Here at The Woodsy, we’re not interested in the how, as in “how to live a certain way in the PNW.” There are plenty of places and publications stocked with experts who can offer more impressive recipes, better decorating tips, and more savvy life hacks. We’re not a to-do site, we’re not lifestyle experts, and we’re not gurus, mavens, or coaches of any kind. We have our own passions and interests which will surely make appearances here, but ultimately we’re more interested in celebrating and exploring than preaching or instructing.

We’re more interested in the who, the what, the where, and the why. Who else is here, what are they doing, where are they doing it, and why are they doing it? And, what have they learned along the way?

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We promise to bring this information to you candidly, and with authenticity, humor, and respect for you as our guest, and for your unique experiences and views. Especially now, since the results of the 2016 election have rolled in, we see the value of connecting, supporting, and celebrating women who may not have everything in common, but who do share this one thing: the PNW.

Please make yourself comfortable and join us. Step into The Woodsy.

Rain or shine,


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