Good And Bad Realities Of Early Fall In The PNW

Dena Ogden
Sep 29, 2017 · 4 min read

I’m not sure that September gets enough credit. It’s two-thirds summer, one-third fall. That’s part cold brew, part pumpkin spice, part flip-flops, part boots. What could be better? If you twist my arm, I could probably even admit that it’s my favorite month. Of course, I’m not so blinded by love for September that I don’t recognize its faults, too. And so, with that said, allow me to humbly present some of the realities of early fall in the PNW — the good and the bad.

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My Loved Ones Actually Say Yes When I Ask Them To Snuggle In My Blanket With Me

I realize they may just be humoring me, but I don’t really care. A snuggle is a snuggle.

It’s Cool In The Morning And Evening, Then Hot Mid-Day

Our Creative Director, Julia, reminded me of this. “It’s like a mini-season all in itself,” she explained, which I’m very into.

Dressing For Cold And Then Getting Stupid Hot

Speaking of mini-seasons all in one day, there are some downsides. Sorry to people who’ve had to sit next to me in public spaces recently, when I have various coats and layers draped over the back of my chair, encroaching on your space.

Long Lines For Coffee

Listen, I can’t fault anyone for wanting to go get coffee. We obviously have at least a few things in common, right? But these long lines, which I’m sure are due to the cooler mornings and everyone getting into a back-to-school groove, are never fun. Even if I am wearing jeans again for the first time in months.

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Gorgeous Orangeness Everywhere

“Wait,” you might be saying. “Isn’t that just what happens in the fall? The PNW is not unique.” Well, sorta. Yes, it does happen in other places, it just doesn’t happen in every place. I used to live in Southern California, where I had to go to Disneyland to get my autumn vibe fix (not complaining, I actually loved it). So, the fact that it happens naturally here should be celebrated.

Being Optimistic About Actually Making An Autumn-Themed Wreath This Year

I have all the supplies; craft paper, twine, even the circular wire frame that will shape the whole thing. However, the jury remains out on just when the project will be completed. This might just be the year, though. I have a good feeling about it.

At Some Point In The Near Future, There Will Be Chili To Eat

This brings me great peace, enough peace that I can even overlook the resulting dishes.

Flannel Is All The Rage Once Again, Melting My PNW-Heart

If you need me, I’ll be over here, chasing my son around with a particularly snazzy red and blue number.

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We Can Take Autumn-Themed Photos Outside

I mean, if my baby is willingly playing in the pile of leaves we set her in, it’s not exactly staged, is it…?

For You Sportsball People: Sports Teams Are Doing Things

I’ve gone through phases of my life when I considered myself a serious fan of certain teams (Mariners, I’m looking at you). However, these days, I’m sad to say I don’t have the time or energy to keep up with any sports. But, I am happy for all my friends and family that do, and I’m jealous of all the access to snack foods and tailgates that you have.

The Slow, Creeping Sadness Of Knowing There’s Only A Few Weeks Left When It’s Daylight During Normal Waking Hours

I’m sorry for bringing this up, I really am. I know most of us would like to continue going about our blissful early-fall days and not thinking about what lies ahead, but we can’t ignore the truth. It’s coming.


What’s that? Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of crisp crunching. I’m having a little snack right now.

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