The 6 Most Northwest-y Christmas Songs In Existence


Oh wait, hang on. Let me turn the volume down.

That’s better. Hi! Happy holidays. I barely heard you come in over all this Christmas music. Here in Eastern Washington, we have like eighty inches of snow, and we’re now a mere 9 days from Christmas, so we are waist-deep in the holiday spirit. I’m about one eggnog away from throwing sparkles everywhere I go. And, while I’m revisiting some of my favorite holiday music, I can’t help but notice that some of the more popular Christmas songs hit a little closer to home than others. Allow me to share what we’ve found to be the Top 6 Most Northwest-y Christmas songs out there:

The angsty message of this song suits our grey skies, but when you also pair it with a mid-tempo beat and a synthesizer, it’s our perfect holiday anthem since you barely notice the sad stuff. That’s kinda how we roll in the PNW, where it’s not uncommon to gloss over things like broken hearts and erroneous coffee orders. Get out of our heads, George Michael.

Because we all know boys in bands. Or, boys aspiring to be in bands. Okay, we know boys with guitars who practice alone in their rooms and never play for anyone else…still counts.

It’s actually quite progressive to give Mary top billing here, and the PNW is mostly a blue region, so it fits. Side note: the same logic could also be used for Mary’s Boy Child, a close runner-up for this list.

So polite! It says “please” right there in the title, and repeats the word about dozen times in two and a half minutes…just like what you’d overhear at a Starbucks drive-thru.

It’s an entire song dedicated to greenery. It’s surprising we don’t listen to this it year-round.

Okay, okay. We can admit it, this one’s kinda obvious. Still, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include it. Though, if sappy 80s love-song-inspired holiday jams, aren’t your thing, perhaps you’ll be glad to know it actually appeared on a 1985 album of the same title to benefit the Seattle Children’s Hospital. We’ll take it.