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An Inspiring Book About Writing: Letters to a Young Writer

Inspirational Gems by Colum McCann, National Book Award Winner

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What inspires you? What touches the passion inside you? What brings out your creative side? What makes you want to create art?

For me, it’s good art, good writing, good movies, good photography. Generosity. Selflessness, Giving. Hope.




The Writing Prof is a collection of ideas about the art and craft of writing from a college professor and other writing professionals. You’ll find writing tips and posts about grammar and punctuation, language and literature, book reviews, personal essays, and all things writing.

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Lee G. Hornbrook

Lee G. Hornbrook

Writer and Writing Coach. Memoirist. Editor of The Writing Prof. Experienced writer — I can help you tell your story. Connect at LinkedIn, Twitter @leehornbrook

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