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Herman, My Four-Legged Writing Companion, Who Prefers Not To

Herman was once dubbed “the illest dog in New Haven”

Between my legs, curled under a blanket that he has wrapped himself in, lies Herman, the 2 1/2 year old Dachshund I share with the girlfriend. At only 16 pounds, this demanding, nervous little dog shares my writing life from title to signature sign-off.




The Writing Prof is a collection of ideas about the art and craft of writing from a college professor and other writing professionals. You’ll find writing tips and posts about grammar and punctuation, language and literature, book reviews, personal essays, and all things writing.

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Lee G. Hornbrook

Lee G. Hornbrook

Writer and Writing Coach. Memoirist. Editor of The Writing Prof. Experienced writer — I can help you tell your story. Connect at LinkedIn, Twitter @leehornbrook

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