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7 Web App Ideas For The Online Startup- Recommended

If you think that a website can do justice with your business, then you are wrong. It’s time to extend and jump into the web app platform.

  • The web application is a hot trend in today’s market. It can give your business an exponential hike.
  • Suppose you are confused about choosing the right web app for your business. In that case, there are different web app ideas that you can consider, such as YouTube Radio, Family App, Dating Web Applications, Meme Generator Web Application, and more.

Coming up with the million-dollar business idea is not easy, especially when you are a startup. And now we are in a time where a simple website can’t do justice with your business. It would be best if you had something more to come to the forefront and that’s what the web apps do for your business.

Yes, web apps have become a vital business component in today’s world. With these applications, you can excel in your business growth and achieve goals much faster by targeting numerous clientele and customers at a single time. And to give your business a good start, I am here with the best 7 web apps for online startups. By trusting these applications, you can get an edge in the market and that’s what you want.

So, let’s dive into the names of the top-recommended seven web applications that can kickstart your online startup best.

1. YouTube Radio

Today YouTube is a big sensation among all. You can leverage this trend advantage effectively and build a quality web app that picks the best YouTube content and plays them for your users. It will keep them engaged and provide an interactive experience.

Moreover, it’s the most popular search-based video platform that everyone uses. Therefore, you can make its best use for business by developing web applications. It will be a great business idea in low investment. There will be no need to search or take a headache of making a playlist. Just play, and the party is on.

2. AI-Browser Cookies

Custom web application development adds to your browser and tracks everything intelligently is a great app idea for your startup business. Artificial Intelligence is everywhere now, and its growing popularity and usage are increasing day by day.

Browser-based AI offers different benefits such as hand gesture detection, sentiment analysis, and style transfer when it runs inside the browser. It can eliminate the need for background application programming interface requests to cloud-based resources. As a result, it accelerates plus simplifies AI applications’ end-to-end flow.

You can hire web developers for developing such an excellent web app, and use its properties to utilize cookies to improve your online user experience.

3. Customisable Payment Gateway

It’s a very fascinating web app idea where organizations can make customized payment gateway and incorporate it into their website or web application. Generally, internet business websites are willing to utilize a custom installment entryway for their application. The application allows offshore software development companies in India to include or delete fields and usefulness from the payment gateway form based on depending on merchants/retailers' requirements.

The web-based form securely collects shopper’s payment information and redirects the data to the defined page to check transaction details or keep shopping. It provides customers with different payment options such as Debit Card, Credit Card, ACH/electronic check, and more.

4. Family App

Family is an essential and inseparable part of our lives. It’s the base of our life’s existence. No matter whether, we dislike each other, but love and care for each other are always there. Well, the bigger the family, the more challenging to manage everything, whether it’s going for dinner, shopping, or anything else.

The family web apps contain a forum, family calendar, a list taking app, a goal to store family photos, etc. All these features aid users in saving their time and organize the family members in the best way.

It’s a great potential web app idea that has a large and moderately competitive market. There are few market leaders in this domain, but there is a greater chance of success due to its uniqueness and less competition.

Accessing a family web application from a laptop or desktop can keep the users connected with their family while they are working. Though the nature of mobile apps is relatively high today, and it doesn’t give you such a luxury.

5. Automated Customer Service Chatbots

Automation has replaced many customer services by chat. It enables companies to remain available and respond to the customer queries 24/7. It is a highly adopted and famous web app idea. However, you can develop chatbots powered with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Further, these libraries get sold to potential clients who create a support app to answer the most common customer problems. It can be a prosperous idea for your startup web app.

6. Dating Web Applications

Dating web apps are popular in recent times, with people engaging with each other through various social media platforms. Emerging technologies and applications have given it a significant boost to this trend. The mobile app market is already very competitive as applications like Tinder are popularly used.

And it’s high time to come up with an app that allows people to discover other people through an online platform. Going with a dating web app will be the best solution here. It uses different algorithms to match specific traits and behaviors.

Moreover, it can give a stable set of paying customers, provided you have a well-planned plus supportive ad campaign to back it up.

7. Meme Generator Web Application

These days, GIFs and Memes are in huge trends on the internet. Thus, developing a web platform for people to find exciting memes and funny GIFs will be great.

Additionally, allowing them to create their own personalized memes would be one of the most exciting web app ideas that startups should consider.

Final Words

Simply note down the above-discussed web app ideas on paper with intense clarity plus project understanding. Though these are just seven if you have something else, then go ahead with it. Build the app’s prototype when you are fully confident that you have covered the whole targeted user demands and expectation, look for a reliable web app development company in India to bring your ideas to life.

Now it’s over to you to create your next web app for your online start-up. Whatever you have planned for a web app is, I wish you luck and success. And If these ideas excite you or have any suggestions, then let me know your feedback and suggestions in the comment section.


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