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App Development Inspiration — #108

These are some of the best designs for app development. Get inspiration from these works created by top designers and developers!

Be First mobile app design

👨‍🎨 Taras Migulko

be first mobile app

Games tools app design

👨‍🎨 Taras Migulko

games tools mobile app

Orizon Bank App

👨‍🎨 Rakib Kowshar
👥 Orizon: UI/UX Design Agency

orizon bank app

Gifting Mobile App UI UX

👨‍🎨 Grace Saraswati

gifting mobile app

CoinGyeek — Crypto Coin Price Tracker

👨‍🎨 Malik Abimanyu
👥 Keitoto

crypto coin price tracker

Eleia — Savings, Bills, Money Manager (Live)

👨‍🎨 Ofspace Digital Agency

money manager mobile app

Spending Tracker App

👨‍🎨 Dmitry Lauretsky
👥 Ronas IT | UI/UX Team

spending tracker app

Rafiji | Carwash & Laundry Application

👨‍🎨 Farshid Darvishi

carwash and laundry application

Cloud Storage App UX/UI

👨‍🎨 Nasir Uddin
👥 Nurency Digital

cloud storage app UI/UX

Weather App — Mobile Design

👨‍🎨 Yasir Ahmad Noori
👥 QClay

weather mobile app

DigitalNFT — NFT App

👨‍🎨 Ceptari Tyas
👥 Keitoto

digital NFT App

Fuelo — Fuel Expense Tracker App Concept

👨‍🎨 Yus Febrian
👥 Sans Brothers

fuel expense tracker app

APACOBANFTs — NFT Mobile App ⚡

👨‍🎨 Asal Design 🐧
👥 Keitoto

nft mobile app

🔥 Tab Bar Animation — Dark Version🌙

👨‍🎨 Mohammad Reza Farahzad 🏆
👥 Orizon: UI/UX Design Agency

app tab bar animation

Online Pharmacy App

👨‍🎨 Ghani Pradita
👥 Paperpillar

online pharmacy app

Event App Visual Concept

👨‍🎨 Adin Yanuar
👥 Pixelz Studio

event app concept

Crafftt: NFT Marketplace Mobile

👨‍🎨 Rayfan Tio Saputro
👥 Keitoto

nft marketplace mobile app

Trip Planner & Social App

👨‍🎨 Risang Kuncoro
👥 Plainthing Studio

trip planner app

E-Wallet App

👨‍🎨 Arvin Aradhana
👥 Picko Lab

e-wallet app

Cardist — Wallet Mobile App Exploration

👨‍🎨 Dhimas Rasyad
👥 Picko Lab

wallet mobile app

Hotel iOs App

👨‍🎨 Fireart Studio

hotel iOS app

Here’s an interesting question: How to create a mobile app? In relation to this, is it easy to create one? Well, it is important for you to ascertain first the purpose why you have to design and develop an app. For sure, the anchoring factor is business. You deeply believe that with a mobile application, you will be able to reach out a lot of customers through the Internet.

Nowadays, billions of people are using the Internet to search for things that are necessary for their lives daily. Online shopping has become popular and has triggered business people to engage in what we call “online shops” or “online stores.” Because of this major factor, it is advised that you hire one of the mobile app development agencies in the world today. With their help, you will be given the chance to participate in a continuously growing digital market.

Of course, there are tools and software you can use when you want to create a mobile app for your business. If you’re a software engineer, you can have the edge as you might know how to use codes in creating software. But if you’re not a tech savvy person, chances are you have to study how to use codes or simply you’ll just shop for mobile app builders on the web. The reason is that you have to compete strongly with those business organizations which use mobile applications as their weapon to penetrate the market. You cannot afford to lag behind with your progress in the online business world.

For those of you who want to get started on creating a mobile application, below are some steps you must take first:

1.Determine the purpose for which you need the app. This concerns that how valuable is your product to the target audience? If it is not worth, then what will happen if many people download and use it? Are you going to attract customers through your mobile application or are you going to lose them? In case of losing them, what’s the reason behind that?

2. You need a way to identify your target market. Do you believe that your target market will only install your mobile application if you have the right price, right quality or the right format? If so, then who are they? Do they really want what you’re offering? Or will they just download it to check if it is useful or not?

3. You need to be able to answer these questions: as a business owner, how much are you willing to invest on the mobile app? What other factors do you have in mind for your online business venture? How much time and energy would you spend on this new venture?

4. You need to be wise in making your decision. There are a lot of factors that you have to consider. This includes the problems that may arise when you create an app. Be wise in the selection of an app development company or agency. You must check their background first because this will prove whether their service quality is good or not.

5. Decide on the best mode of payment and even consider to work with a freelancer if you can’t decide on which app development company to choose from. Freelancers have their own rates so it is up to you if they will fit your budget or not.

6. Get to know the procedures on how to build an app. If you are not a tech savvy person, then it is best to learn from reliable internet sources.

7. Start the project with the help of a mobile app development agency or company. Collaborate with them and discuss about the features that you need for your mobile application. Always remember that you are paying for their service so make sure to give them enough information about your business venture and why you need a mobile application in order to boost up your business income and sales.

8. Recruit a team of professional app developers who will work on your project. They will continue their research on what you need and they can even consult with the client during the development process to make sure that they are doing everything right. Learn to be patient as well until the project is finished.

9. Test your app in order to see if it is worthy of being published on the Internet for other users to access and install it on their mobile devices. It is also best for you to test it personally if not, then you can have an employee who has a technical expertise in doing the testing.

10. Publish your app online for download so that everyone can enjoy using your product or service through their mobile devices. There are many apps in the market today and you must be able to stand out from the rest.

11. Set a budget for your project, which you can continue to increase as long as you don’t give up on your project.

12. Get support when things do not go well and remain open-minded with what clients said about your mobile application because this can prove whether or not it is good to them or not before they start utilizing it. Read their comments and test their views, this can help improve your app features so that it will be user-friendly to them.


Having a mobile app for your business venture is not enough. You need to follow what the mobile app development company calls “iterative release cycle” which means that you will have several versions of your mobile application in order to satisfy the target market. Always keep in mind that there are some problems that might arise when you publish a mobile application in the market. In case of having issues with your app, find ways to solve them instead of just abandoning it and give up on it. Otherwise, losing customers will be inevitable.

In order for you to succeed with designing and developing a mobile application for your business venture, you should study first about user experience or UX.



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