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Apr 14 · 8 min read

Nowadays, billions of people are using the Internet to search for things that are necessary for their lives daily. Online shopping has become popular and has triggered business people to engage in what we call “online shops” or “online stores.” Because of this major factor, it is advised that you hire one of the mobile app development agencies in the world today. With their help, you will be given the chance to participate in a continuously growing digital market.

This article is going to focus on the following:

• What Is Mobile App Development?

• Precise Process Model of Mobile App Development

• What Makes a Good Mobile App?

• Essential Components of a Good Mobile App

• Tips on How to Create a Mobile App

What Is Mobile App Development?

Let’s start first with the basic term “mobile application” or “app.” It is a small software program designed to accomplish a certain task, such as making a call or checking social media accounts. Simply, it is known as a small software built for handheld devices that makes work easier. Because of this, it is extremely important for business people to develop apps.

Precise Process Model of Mobile App Development

Creating a mobile app is definitely an intricate process. You need to have much knowledge if you’ll be able to create the exact one that will help you in your business. There is one fact that you need to know: know-how is crucial in regards to this. Without a thorough understanding of the process to make a mobile app, you will not be able to create one. The advancements in the mobile app development industry have been enormous. Nowadays, the process has become clean and more stylish. It is really important that you get to know it in ways possible. Here’s a brief glimpse of this process.

• Idea Generation: This is the phase where you discover the need to create a mobile app. You certainly have an idea and are positive that it will make you a lot of money.

• Business & Marketing Strategies: It is extremely essential for you to have a mobile app that will suit your business needs. You need to have a clear picture of the purpose or type of app you will be developing. You need to validate your potential customers.

• Service Development: This is the most significant chapter where you will be given guidelines on how to develop your app.

• Strategy Development: The most significant step you need to take is developing an effective strategy in regards to your app development. It worth hiring an expert front-end development team to develop it for you.

• Architecting & Design: This is the point where you will create the actual design of the mobile app.

• Estimating & Mobile Testing: This is another chapter in which you will be given that explains the timetable and the plan for testing your new app.

• Development: You are now ready to start developing your mobile app.

• Maintenance: Once you have finished the development process, you need to spend time in maintaining and assisting the app.

What Makes a Good Mobile App?

Basically, a good mobile app design will have 15 features. The 15 features below are very helpful in making your app great.

1. Ease-of-Use: This describes the run time of the app. Basically, it is the speed of the app. It is important to note that there are two types of ease-of-use: global and local. Global means the ability of an app to run on any mobile device. Local means the ability of an app to run on a particular mobile device.

2. Usability: This is the actual usability of an app. Basically, it is the ease of understanding and the simplicity of an app. It is also the ability of an app to be of assistance in doing something.

3. Learnability: This refers to the ease of learning an app. Basically, it ensures that the user learns how to use the app.

4. Efficiency: Efficiency refers to the speed of handling the task using the app.

5. Multi-tasking: The ability of an app to work simultaneously.

6. Reliability: The ability of an app to be available at any time, even during unexpected occasions.

7. Security: This refers to the security of an app. Basically, it ensures that all data is safe.

8. Flexibility: It is the capability of an app to be used in various purposes.

9. Re-usability: This is the capability of an app to perform a task on several occasions.

10. Maintainability: This refers to the capability of an app to maintain normal operation over a period of time.

11. Testability: It is the ability of an app to be tested or proved whether it does the task.

12. Extensibility: This describes the capability of an app to provide appropriate functions.

13. Reliability: This refers to the potential of an app to do its job continuously on a day-to-day basis.

14. Scalability: It is the capability of an app to contain add-on features.

15. Satisfaction: It refers to the level of effectiveness of a mobile app.

Tips on Creating an App

Now that you know the important factors needed for good mobile app development, let’s try commenting on some of the methods in which you will be able to develop a strong mobile app.

• Start as a student: It is very important that before you create a new project, you will commence as the student. It is interesting that one needs to learn more in the industry. It is important that you analyze the app development process and the different phases in it. It will be very easy for you to acquire much information in this way. Once you’ve developed much knowledge, you’ll be able to develop a great mobile app with your development company if they support your efforts.

• Focus on the goal: Think of the purpose of your app creation. It is very important that you focus on the exact goal of the mobile app. Nowadays, there are different types of app programs, such as GPS, email, social networking or business applications. Because of this, it’s only important to be clear about the goal of your project. The outcomes of your app will be based on the decisions you make.

• Collection of data: Make sure that you have the correct way of collecting data for making a great app. Currently, there are competitors in mobile application design. Thus, it is very important that you collect data that would make your app superior to the other ones. Also, make sure you get almost all the features from the above mentioned 15 features.

• Maintenance: This is the last but not the least step that you need to take. Make sure that after you’ve finished with your app creation, you should develop ways on how to maintain the app.

• Analyze the competition: Get to know what your competitors are doing in the mobile app market.


In conclusion, this article guarantees that once you have learned the mobile app development process, you will be able to create a powerful and good app. Now that you know the process of creating a mobile app, it is up to you if you want to make a great app. This is why you have to take your time and analysis the different factors you need to consider. Remember that it is advisable that you start from the basic to the top.


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