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A selection of Brand Identity and Logo Design works for inspiration

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Feb 11 · 6 min read

Every day hundreds of entrepreneurs around the globe make a decision to build a startup and most of them are digital product. Every single one of them needs a brand identity and a logo design. Since the market is saturated by lot of competitors, one of the options for the product owners to stand out from the crowd is to design a unique and memorable brand identity design.

Our team consist of former designers and remember really clear how important it is for designers to get inspiration while working on their new logo design project.

This compilation includes style guides, brand identity, animated logos and similar works related to brand identity design and logo design.

Take a look and feel free to comment with more links:

MithrilX is a part of Ironchain Capital. We believe that we can give more value to a product if we not only design a brand identity, but also apply it correctly to a marketing page design, illustration style, and implement all these assets successfully by developing the front-end (to make sure it looks how we designed). Fortunately, MithrilX was one of these projects.

You can read more about our collaboration here on Bēhance.

Answering your potential questions:

1) We use Sketch app for web pages and interface design, AfterEffects for preparing animations. And then we hand them off to our front-end developers (sometimes we use Bodymovin plugin to export JSON).

2) We draw most of the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop if we work on desktop and Procreate, Affinity Designer or Adobe Draw on tablet.

3) Yes, the pen and plant are just to balance the composition 😉

Hey there! I was busy animating recently and here, I’m honored to share with you our team’s Hackathon project. In just two days we were able to do some amazing work with @✨ Kamil Janus ✨ and the rest of our team! We made not only some magnificent UX and UI work but also our developers put the ideas to life. So if you ever wonder if it is possible to get things done fast, just contact us and let it happen. Just PressPlay! ;)

Hi people, Sharing some color exploration we did for Patch. Which one do you like the most? All the best, Filip

Logo Design Exploration for Preventum Initiative, a non-profit that brings together evidence-based research and the latest technologies to solve complex public health challenges. Open to hear your thoughts and feedback!

Husky mascot logo, one of my new works, if you want to purchase this mascot, dm me in twtitter!

Made a vibrant color branding.

Watch the full illustration process here

Here’s a peek at some of the visual identity for Pinpoint, a client we’ve been working with over the past few months. Brand strategy led to an identity that was progressive, crafted, and approachable. Looking forward to showing more of the process soon!

Next Pro is a production company that moved to digital distribution of their content through the web. Our goal was to make the rebranding and create a completely new visual concept. The client wanted to have a strong web and mobile presence because the brand should live on the web as well as the app stores. Logo design represents the stylized letter “N”. We proposed fresh colours that can easily be remembered in clients mind.

Logo design for WebMode. A game development community and platform focusing on custom games, code and bringing gamers together. Happy to hear your thoughts!

Up next in the packaging alphabet series is B. I went with a burger box and paired it with Brandon, which is a great fit. Brandon is full of great glyphs and extras.

I had the opportunity to work with a new butcher shop opening in Great Falls, MT. We wanted to create a look that felt vintage and grounded, but keeping it clean. The client wanted a clever way to distinguish his shop, so the knife sign post was born.

Wrapped up a little project for an incredible photographer in Utah, Paul Bundy. Paul has been such an amazing influence to so many lives over the years. Whether sponsoring kids with skate decks from “Theory Skateboards” or snapping shots of rippers on the hill. Paul has always been about the local scene and helping shredders achieve their dream on a board. Cheers Paul and can’t wait to see all the snaps in the future!

Hey, Dribbblers! Identity project made for the software creators.


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We help to spread the word about awesome design works