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Top 5 Web Design Companies — 2023

Top Website Design Companies, web designers for startups, B2B, SMB, enterprise, SaaS and small business. Best Web design agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area (SF), New York Greater Area (NYC), London, Portland, Los Angeles Greater Area (LA).

Find the right web design agency for your project

1. Ramotion

web design agency homepage
Ramotion — web design agency

2. Jordan Crown

3. Blue Fountain Media

4. efelle creative

5. ThreeSixtyEight

What people say about this list of website design agencies:

Why is it important to hire a web design agency?

Reasons why you need a web design company right now

What does a web design company do?

How much money do website designers make?

  • Number of pages
  • Number of features
  • Complexity factor
  • High website’s SEO rankings
  • Increase in a traffic
  • The percentage of conversions is higher
  • System updates
  • Integration management
  • SEO

Web design agency process

How do I start a web design agency?

What website design services does a professional web design company offer?

What makes a website designer good?

What to do once you hire a Website Design Company?

When is the right time to hire a Web Design Agency?

FAQ on finding the right web design company

Q: How much does web design cost?

Q: How web design agency process usually go?

  • What kind of organization is the website representing?
  • What do they do?
  • Who will be using the site?
  • What will they be trying to accomplish by going to your website?
  • What are the major features needed?
  • Brand identity and specs
  • Functional requirements
  • Site map
  • Competitive assessment
  • Style Guide
  • Mood boards
  • Wireframes
  • Graphic assets
  • Taxonomy
  • Design system or reusable assets like menus, buttons, templates
  • Content
  • Functional test: verify that the goals of the site are met, check that it looks right on a variety of browsers, look for unexpected edge case scenarios, and ferret out any inconsistencies, spelling, or other errors.
  • User acceptance testing: you’ll likely manage and act as a liaison between the client or stakeholders and other teams
  • Roll-out plan
  • Graphical and other assets
  • Maintenance plan
  • Specs and documentation

Q: What are the main locations of the best website agencies?

Q: Beyond the list above, how to find and hire web designers online?

Q: How can my website attract customers?

Q: How long does it take for a website to be created?

Web design tips from the best website designers

  • Learn a little bit about SEO, or hire an expert to help you out. When people are searching on Google, they are usually looking for something specific. Unless they already know your company, they will be looking for a company that does what you do. Make sure they can find you.
  • Use a simple URL for your site, and clear naming conventions for your pages and content. This can help with SEO, but it can also make it easier for people who have heard of you but can’t quite remember all the details to look you up specifically. If your page URLs have underscores, capital letters, abbreviations, or other special characters it’s really hard for your people to remember it, type it correctly, and actually get to your site.
  • Establish a social media presence, keep it active, and connect to your site. One marketing company likens this to using the right bait. It isn’t directly SEO, but it helps get your name out there in more places and can drive traffic back to your site.
  • Make it absolutely crystal clear what you do/offer. If a potential customer is looking for pots and pans but your home page features lots of pictures of small appliances, that forager’s scent is not going to be very strong.
  • Scrolling can be better than clicking, but it’s best to put all the really good stuff at the top. The more clicking or scrolling to be done, the shorter the user’s attention span.
  • Navigating your site should be easy. Menu structures need to have short, clear labels, and there shouldn’t be too many options to quickly scan and interpret.
  • Including a search option for sites with any breadth is absolutely essential. After all, they searched to find you in the first place right? Many users head right to the search box. This is the quickest way for them to check if your might have want they need.
  • Consider hiring an expert in website conversion. If your site is not generating the leads or sales you expect, digging a little deeper into details of calls to action, graphics, and text might be worth a look.
  • Use the visual website design and writing to reflect your brand personality.
  • Speak the language of your target users/customers.
  • Offer unique content or differentiating products/services.

How to Choose a Web Design Firm?

  • Is the website design responsive?
  • Is the website mobile-friendly?
  • Is the website accessible?
  • Does the website provide the best user experience?
  • Does the website have great usability?
  • Does the website include all the vital information: about page, team page, portfolio, contacts, feedbacks from clients?
  • Do the works look professional?
  • Do the sites work fine across all browsers and devices?
  • Have any of the websites won awards?
  • Do the sites seem similar in scope?
  • Do the sites come from your niche?
Image credits: Fikret Tozak
Image credits: Fikret Tozak
  • Do they do SEO?
  • Do they write content?
  • Do they do ongoing digital marketing?
  • Do they do email marketing?
Image credits: William Iven
Image credits: William Iven

Several important questions to ask before signing a web design firm contract

  • What is the final cost for the project? This will reveal all hidden charges and help to avoid unpleasant surprises with the final cost.
  • When is the deadline? This helps to stay on track with your website and monitor the process.
  • What is included? Some essentials like SEO, content strategy, information architecture may come as an extra and require further discussion.
  • Who is going to work on your project? This helps to ensure you will work with an in-house team.


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