Best Web Design Inspiration — Marketing Websites — #97

Inspiring UI designs of marketing websites

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Apr 6 · 5 min read

Did you know? It takes less than a second for a user to form an opinion of the website. While you have a specific target market when you commission someone or a company to create a great marketing website for you, you can’t make your website exclusive. In business, you have to be inclusive. You want everybody to purchase your product and service.

How do you achieve that? The first place on your checklist is to have a perfect website, which could be obtained by having a perfect website design and a perfect website development. You have to design and develop your website from scratch; you have to start from the beginning. For this, you require a web design agency and front end developer or just a classic design company.

A front end web developer is the person who is in charge of the design and the visual appeal of the website. It is a tough role because your job is to create every tab, every menu, every online shop, every button, and every link. Basically, whatever the visitor of the website sees visually, you are responsible for those panels. However, you can always collaborate with the other teams such as the back end developers and the copywriters or the social media content writers.

A front end developer with the right skills, experience, background, and education, can be an asset to your entire business . The website is a business asset and your front end developer will help improve the company’s brand awareness in a very effective manner.

A well-trained front end developer can generate a better ROI on the CPM (cost per mille) because of the visibility of the website or the online store. After all, the people who see your website and then click your banner are the ones who hand over the money, right? That’s why your website is so important for your business.

The front end developer will explore every nook and cranny of your site to find out exactly how the website will function and what should be the design elements to make the website work best for your business.

A front end developer who has good experience in the layout and adjusting the layout of the website will make the website easier to understand and browse through. Will he use a responsive website that is on a liquid design? Will he have a lot of buttons, tabs, and links on the top of the website that will make it very easy for the visitor to go to the required areas quickly?

A good front end developer will make sure that the website is visible from all the main computer browsers. More than 10% of the Americans alone don’t have an updated device. Just think how many people you could miss out on if you design your website to be browsed on the latest devices.

A front-end developer could provide you with the best one-on-one service.. They can help to create the website you are dreaming of because they can see the real requirements behind your dreams and vision.


If you thought I am implying that you should hire a front end developer straight away, then let me say that it is not that simple. The budget and the team (the back end, copywriters, and social media writers) will determine whether the website can be created right away or have parts outsourced if you’re not interested in doing it from scratch. As you see, you should always hire your team early and take advantage of any free time they can spend to provide you with the best services and also great content.


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