Web Design Inspiration — Best Marketing Websites

Selection of web design works for inspiration. These are marketing websites created by top web designers and front-end developers.

Last updated: May 2, 2021

Marketing websites play an important role in every online and offline business these days. They help to tell stories, build awareness, educate and convert free visitors into paid customers. When done right, they make profit for the owners and help to build their brand.

We wan to focus this article on featuring some very nice marketing websites to inspire the next generation of web designers and entrepreneurs.

👨‍🎨 Ramotion

Descript website design

Descript is the world’s first audio word processor. It can be used to generate transcripts linked to voice media, and then edit the media by editing the text. Descript makes media production as fast and intuitive as writing a document.

👨‍🎨 Christopher Reath
👥 ueno.

Wonderful dark theme and horizontal navigation makes the website very unique and immediately inspire and suggest a promotional nature of the website.

👨‍🎨 Gapsy Studio

When we look at the website we immediately think that one day when AR glasses will be our next iPhone, every website will be fully transparent and only some elements of the website will augment the field of view. That’s how this birthday gift website promotes aerostat balloons business.

👨‍🎨 Arthur K

This web page for an architectural design firm is pretty clean and divided on three pars with unique bold typefaces on each one of them. There is also a nice touch of gradients. They add a necessary mood and set the brand color palette.

👨‍🎨 Robinzon

It reminds us adobe creative cloud hero illustration. There is an interesting vibrant color palette built around primary black and white colors. These color coupled with the 3d illustration make it a very interesting solution.

👨‍🎨 Olga
👥 Netrix

Unexpected Sources for Web Design Inspiration

Sticking to these types of formulas does have it’s advantages. People know how it works immediately and can easily figure out how to search, filter, and sort. Trying to be flashy or unique for the sake of uniqueness usually back-fires leading to annoying features and distracting visuals. So how can you find a balance of providing familiar, easy to use web standards on your site while still standing out from the competition?

Keep the good and throw out the boring (and bad). Keep important content, like calls to action, simple and clear, leverage the standards that work for the type of site you are designing, and then have fun. Spend some time getting to know the brand personality and culture of the organization you are working with, then incorporate it into the visual design and content tone of voice.

Become Friends

Be Childlike

Practice curiosity, and work on your creativity, in your own life by taking time to observe. Collect the things that interest or inspire you, digitally or physically. Think mood board, but for your whole life.


Jot down or bookmark interesting ideas, blogs, and articles. Having a scrapbook of ideas and design inspiration will give you a place to go to when you just can’t think of anything. It also exercises your creativity muscle and helps you to avoid running out of ideas.

Architecture — color, texture, geometry, details

Nature — color, texture, patterns

Everyday objects and tools — form and function

Fabrics — color and texture

Go Beyond

While you may find it difficult to get web design inspiration from scientists who study chimps, the idea of looking beyond the industry or type of site still has merit. Other design areas — fashion, interior, print media, art, industrial — all incorporate similar foundational guidelines on color, proportion, and general aesthetics. Don’t just look at competitive web sites or even websites in other industries. Read magazines for visual stimulation, peruse scientific journals for ways to convey complex information simply, and listen to TED talks for tech and business ideas. Set aside time on a regular basis to explore, take walks, or learn something new.



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