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Top Web Development Companies

Top Website Development Companies and website design experts for startups, B2B, SMB, enterprise, SaaS and small business. Web development agencies in San Francisco Bay Area (SF), Dallas (TX), New York City (NYC), London, Los Angeles Greater Area (LA).

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1. Ramotion

Ramotion is a digital product design agency focused on marketing website design, mobile and web product design (UI/UX), Front-End and Mobile Development. They use React JS, Webflow, etc.

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2. CemtrexLabs

CemtrexLabs is focused on helping brands grow through digital transformation services. Our software and hardware, design and development services range from business-critical applications to powerful Augmented and Virtual Reality applications that push the boundaries of consumer, industrial, experiential, and commerce applications for the world’s most innovative brands

3. Web Development Agency

A group of web developers experienced in marketing websites and web apps for tech companies and brands.

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4. Experion Technologies

Develop custom software solutions and applications for our clients by harnessing Mobile, Web, Analytics and Cloud technologies.

5. JustCoded

Digital web solutions for tech startups and established businesses in Online investment, Crowdfunding, Real Estate, Luxury, Travel, and Art sectors.

6. Quovantis Technologies

help leading product companies and innovative startups build delightful digital experiences.

Helpful information on web development basics from a website development company

When looking at the process for creating a website, the basic steps are essentially the same from both the design and the development perspectives, but the focus is different. The web development process includes both front- and back-end technical details. Both sides of your team need to work smoothly together throughout the entire project to achieve a great site. Establishing, and sticking to, a simple process that defines the steps, output, and collaboration points will help keep your project on track and give you the best web development agency results.

Waterfall and Agile Flows from the SCRUM Reference Card
  • What kind of features are required? Do you have the technology in place to support all of the features? What will need to change or be acquired?
  • What kind level of traffic is expected? Is the current IT infrastructure sufficient to support the new site? Or is it being hosted by a 3rd party?
  • Is a third-party tool being used or will everything be coded by your team? What tools and software are needed for the size and type of site being planned?
  • Document the technical requirements needed to support the functional requirements from the planning and research step. Include elements such as devices and browsers that must be supported.
  • Decide what technologies will be used based on the requirements and research from the planning step.
  • Identify how and where you’ll be using back-end systems like content management systems, order processing systems, databases, and any other technical requirements needed to support the features being designed.
  • Begin creating the framework of the site with tasks such as setting up a file structure and creating basic templates that can be refined based on the completed design by web design company.
  • Create style sheets.
  • Create asset libraries.
  • Code the actual pages.
  • Integrate with back-end systems.
  • Is the response time acceptable?
  • How does the site perform under heavy user load?
  • Do all the back-end systems work how they should when the front-end interacts with them?
  • Do all the links work? Do the advanced elements work smoothly and consistently across pages?

Summary on the process in a top website development agency

The web development agency process doesn’t need to be rigorous or overly strict, particularly if your web project is small or you are just getting started. Using an agreed to process will help keep your teams on-time, on-budget, and avoid conflict over misunderstood expectations.



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