Designers to Follow on Instagram — 2021

Design accounts to follow on Instagram: graphic designers, logo design, inspiration, UI/UX.

Last Updated: July 1, 2021

Instagram evolved from a social network for sharing photos of your Starbucks coffee to a leading digital marketing tool. They introduced e-commerce for micro-brands to sell their goods, they continue developing new formats of digital content designers can use to build their career and share their work.

We wanted to share with you a selection of Instagram accounts to follow if you look for design inspiration or just want to connect with some great design minds:

📸 Ramotion

This account shares daily graphic design inspiration, tips for designers, but they also released many helpful resources. They update their feed constantly, so don’t miss out.

instagram account of Ramotion

📸 Foreal

A nice selection of creative graphics to satisfy your eye and need for minimalistic illustration. It’s an ideal account for inspiration, and if you plan to buy their products, they have a nice selection of minimalistic products.


📸 Peter Tarka

A long-standing and influential designer with more than 200k followers for his 3d style. His feed includes more than mostly sketches and design drafts.


📸 Wolff Olins

They post great works for those who want some inspiration and examples that might lead them to try their own hand at identity design.


Instagram has been an interesting and inspiring virtual playground in the last few years and designers are early adopters of the network. We are constantly exploring new ideas, techniques, tools and some of them are turning this into new and exciting careers. A great product starts with a great idea and a smart design solution. It is an ever-changing industry, but this isn’t the case but in Instagram.

Maybe we are sentimental creatures, but one thing we show the world is that our careers are based on several simple daily things. We use them to improve our skills and knowledge, to gain new clients or business partners and to help people find a job. Sometimes, we believe everything happens for a reason and there is no chance for something to happen. Still, there are always some coincidences and chance encounters that provide a spark. Our work and the people around it will eventually make the difference.

In a billion dollar per month industry, it is worth to learn from the best. The truth of most design influencers out there is that they are following people similar to them. They are doing deals, hustling, making friends, establishing business connections and supporting each other. The benchmark was set by Patrick McNeil, who stated that designers often talk about design on Twitter, but Instagram is where the real action is; where the industry sleeps. Designers are the early adopters of Instagram, give them a remote control and they’ll run off to Instagram. The reason why designers and artists are so fond of Instagram is because Instagram is where their ideal contacts are. The cool bit is that Instagram isn’t only a place where they can be, but it allows them to spend their time wisely and make sense of it.

What about the rest of the world you might wonder? I can’t see something here, but according to research conducted by Instagram, which has been quoted by Mashable.

- The average user spends an hour daily on Instagram.
- 40% of the Instagram users are under 26 years.
- Americans spend more time interacting with brands on Instagram than on Twitter.
- Nearly 10% of Instagram users have a passion for design.
- Average active users spent two hours per day on Instagram in 2013 and will spend three more hours in 2014 .

Through our lens, Instagram is the most vital network for a designer to be present. It is a simple and powerful resource for designers and marketers to build their community. What you need to do is turn your Instagram account into a business platform and use it for your own purposes. The best way to handle Instagram for business is to engage with your target audience, be creative, hold contests, share useful information and make sure you have an Instagram marketing plan. The most important thing is to concentrate on building your brand by using the power of socializing as the best example that stands out is one that stands out.


Instagram is an important tool in developing a successful brand. It is a way to connect with people and build your name to stand out from the crowd. It is also a way to establish a good working relationship with the Internet and the people who use it, as they are persistent, loyal and a smart audience . Every designer should care about the best and the brightest designers out there and follow them, because you never know where the road to success or failure will lead you.


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