They Make Illustrations #16

Friday Edition

Illustrations can express compelling brand stories. They make the products stand out on the market and build a stronger connection with the customers. Here is a selection of the best illustrations we found online this week. The illustrations mostly used for web, marketing collateral and branded wallpapers.

Owls sitting on branch by Anton Fritsler (kit8)

Helloween Forest by DAN Gartman Dan Gartman

By author: Have a scary good time!

Pluto by Razvan Vezeteu

By author: Vectober Pluto Day 334/365

Halloween Child by Thunder Rockets

By author: Feel the Thunder

Landscapes by febin_raj

By author: Sky and clouds and trees and little figures relax in the perfect rural rhythm of their surroundings

T R A P by muhammed sajid

By author: It’s been happy to work with BYE BYE STRAWS, basically means saying NO TO PLASTIC STRAWS, as they are single-use plastics with a “useful” life of only 10 minutes, but instead they are elements that never degrade. The vast majority of this waste ends up in the sea and contributes to the contamination of all the oceans of the planet, in addition to affecting very seriously the marine fauna and ourselves. I feel like the humans are ruin the Earth. Humankind is revealed as simultaneously insignificant and utterly dominant in the grand of life on Earth by a groundbreaking new assessment of all life on the planet. The report says since the rise of human civilisation 83% of wild mammals have been lost. Also I feel sad to see ByeByeStraws study about the straws and plastics ruined and affected the marine animals. It’s too late but still we can save I hope.

On The Road by Yannie Feng

By author: Journey There is only one lamp in the fishing village. Stone walls Top of seaweed / / / at dawn I saw the patrol workers, sad. Like a grave on the hillside / / / At the entrance of the city The wheels of the sun and the train It’s two eyes

Hey Demons, Go Vote by Scott Biersack Scott Biersack

By author: The deadline is fast approaching!

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