They Make Illustrations #15

UI/UX Edition

Illustrations can express compelling brand stories. They make the products stand out on the market and build a stronger connection with the customers. Here is a selection of the best illustrations we found online this week. The illustrations mostly used for web, marketing collateral and branded wallpapers.

Brave forward by shanzei

By author: Winter is coming, although it is a very cold season, I hope we can overcome it with the spirit of not admit defeat!

Resources to transform by Alejandro Ramirez

By author: Hero illustration for a project made with @Ezequiel Salatino, part of the identity and web redesign of a consulting company.

Illustrations-my desk by CAT-L 🔥

By author: This is an Illustration isometric design , hope you guys like it!

my world-06 Angle by Wme

By author: It turns out that, from another angle, there will always be a different picture. People have two eyes, one observes the world around them, one observes oneself

Backer News — Hero by Mário Rodrigues

By author: Hey fellow Dribbblers 🖖 I’m happy to share with you the hero of a Crowdfunding website we have worked on here at @Significa. You can check the live version here: Stay tuned for more!

SUB CITY VOL.1 by Molteen

By author: Hi dude~ This is the first wave of the subway station series illustration, I really like the location of the subway station. The scenes at different moments are fascinating, the rushing crowd and the stationary platform are a wonderful picture. The next three series of subway series will be presented in the form of an illustration.

Error message — Halloween edition by Katarzyna Dziaduś

By author: It’s the scariest time during whole year, isn’t it? Especially when you are using your favorite app with sweets delivery and someone steals your yummy candy! But it’s not so bad at all, you prefer healthy lifestyle and your diet shouldn’t include sweets, right? ;)

Some character designs by 5moon

CBy author: I wish you could like it.

Medical platform illustration by Marius Juozas Žvirblis

CBy author: A cool Illustration showcasing a calendar platform that allows you to keep track of patients medicine intake. What do you guys think?

OrangeChat by Patya Pindo

CBy author: Hey, Dribbbles! Here is my first shot. Thank you @Sebo for helping me out with this and every other thing. It’s such an honor to be part of the team.

Backer News — Features by Mário Rodrigues

CBy author: Hey fellow Dribbblers 🖖 I’m happy to share with you the features section of a Crowdfunding news website we have worked on here at @Significa. You can check the live version here: Stay tuned for more!

Bingo Video Production Landing Page by Mohammad Majed Khan

CBy author: Hey dribbblers, hope you’re fine. Here I Presenting You Bingo Video Production Landing Page. Full design coming soon.

K A Z U Y A 0 0 2 by Zak Steele-Eklund

CBy author: Hey guys, hope your week is going cool. This is an updated version of a shot we posted before — the dystopia in the bottom screen has been overhauled with extra details added and the landing page has a utopian side added to contrast the righthand side. The utopia represents our clients product which is an updated, safer and more decentralised internet.