If I love you, will you love me back?

Of course.

* Now that’s teamwork

If I draw a dopey picture of a man with a triangle nose and square eyes, will you look at it and say its cool?

Yeah sure.

Now that’s teamwork.

So while you sit there and study aerospace engineering and the importance of oxygen to hydrogen ratios in engines so that we as a human race will have a secure and safe future, I’m gonna figure out how to make the best pizza and you can eat it.


Now that’s teamwork.

I’m glad we have each other and even if we get separated and never see each other again, I’m glad there are still over a billion of people I can meet. And if it’s true that you and I will never talk or meet eyes again, I have a plan. I’ll tell everyone that crosses my path about you. Your name, and embarrassing stories, and your dreams too. Everything. Maybe your dreams will inspire someone. With four billion people they are sure to have an impact on at least one of them. I’ll tell all the jokes you told me. And all the complements you gave me, I’ll give to other people. I’ll try my best to smile just like you in hope someone will want to smile like me. See how that works out?

Yeah that’s kind of like teamwork.

— — — — — — - — — — —

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