What criteria will you have when selecting Federal Judges and Supreme Court Justices?

Asked by Sufferpoop.

This is an important question that this campaign gets asked a lot. TheySinned is looking to reverse the trend of a Supreme Court that recycles itself every few months or so; as President, he would look for Justices that intend to uphold the law and do so with passion.

The Supreme Court is indeed the highest court of our land: it must serve as the last line of defense in drawn-out legal battles and be a stalwart barricade against invasions to our Constitution and rights afforded to us therein. TheySinned understands these principles, and intends absolutely to nominate Justices whom he finds to be exceptionally qualified and capable if elected. He would be looking at several criteria to decide on whom he nominates should vacancies arise:

1: Judicial Experience

The most obvious qualification to be nominated by TheySinned to the Supreme Court would be experience within our judicial system –– whether that be as an officer within the Department of Justice, an accomplished attorney, federal judge, etc.

TheySinned has seen some of the subpar nominations made in the past; he has seen the ire these nominations have caused many. Having requisite experience at practicing or interpreting law would be a key factor in TheySinned’s considerations.

2: Activity & Passion

We’ve all seen how some justices can be quite inactive. TheySinned would look for and appoint individuals who display a passion for Constitutional law and wish to practice and apply it in our country today. He doesn’t want justices that sit on the Court to simply vote for the sake of voting: he wants justices who pour over their decisions with great cognizance of precedent and the laws of our land.

Furthermore, it is indeed undeniable that the Supreme Court itself serves as a political function for Presidents. If elected, TheySinned would be the first independent and non-partisan President in our country’s history –– that’s a big deal. It means that he’d look for nominees whose legal opinions will be in the country’s best interest, not that of a political party.

3: “Originalism” vs. “Living Document” Belief

The two prevailing beliefs among justices when pertaining to how they analyze the Constitution fall into two categories: whether to see it as a document meant to be read under the time written, or one that evolves as society does.

TheySinned believes that the Legislative Branch exists to legislate. The Court ought to interpret the Constitution under the meaning of law itself; he does not believe that the Supreme Court should be creating new laws in the process of its decision-making.

How will TheySinned nominate justices?

By consulting Congress, of course! TheySinned has a unique ability to work with nearly everyone so long as their interests fall into those of the United States’. After formally and intensely vetting a nominee for the Supreme Court, TheySinned would consult the Senate Judiciary Committee to assist in further review of said nominee.

Before putting the nominee up for a confirmation vote, as President, TheySinned would request an in-game hearing for them to be questioned and “meet” the Senate itself. This process, in his belief, would prevent much of the bickering that occurs between Senators and the Executive Branch by preventing unqualified nominees before they reach the floor for a vote.

From everyone here with the TheySinned for America team, we hope this answers your question well!