Hiring a Mobile Dev Company VS Having Your Own Team

You have a mobile app idea to make the next biggest revolution! Now what should you do?

From Uber to Snapchat to many other giants in the tech industry at present, mobile apps are where it’s at! With an innovative idea and a good mobile app, it has become possible for startups to hit overnight success.

If your startup is mobile app based, it goes without saying that you should put the most effort into the development aspect of the mobile app in order to hit success. However, not all the startups can afford the luxury of hiring a full development team, or sometimes outsourcing the work to an established company. Therefore, let us take you through the pros and cons of having an in-house team and hiring a mobile development company to do the job, so you can take an informed decision!



If you are thinking long term, and you do not have tight budget restrictions, hiring an in-house team can be considered as a good option. It will allow you to have a certain level of confidence and stability from the get-go, since you personally hire each and every developer and know what exactly to expect from them.

Having the full ownership and the control of the design is another advantage of working with an in-house team on an app develpment project. There is also a close relationship between the development team and the user base which will make it easier when it comes to communication and expectation of delivery.

Having your own team working on the most important product of your startup will ensure that they will passionately go that extra mile to aim perfection. More often than not, there is a higher sense of responsibility and ownership among an in-house team rather than an out-sourced one.


While an initial look would give you the impression that hiring an in-house developer team for a monthly salary is cheaper than the large chunk of money which you have to spend in order to hire a mobile development company, in long term, statistics show that you are likely to spend 3 times the amount for an in-house team over an outsourced company!

Talent hunt is not a cheap task especially due to the solid advertising process you need to do since your company name is not known still.

The hiring process for a developing team can be lengthy and extremely time consuming — and most of the times with the budget restrictions of a startup, you cannot afford to hire developers with the experience level which needs to get you the best results.

Including a full development team means higher overhead costs for your startup, which is an unnecessary burden especially in the early stages of your company.

If you decide to sell your mobile app later down the line, the portablity of the system maybe too tightly built into the identity of the company making it harder for you to generalize.



A mobile development company brings their years of experience to table, which is beneficial for you especially if you are not technologically savvy and new to the industry. For an example, if you are to hire an experienced developer or a designer for your startup, it means a substantial salary + benefits per year (Approximately $100,000+) for over a long period time. By opting for an established company, you get the same level of expertise for one term package price you pay them for the project.

The overall cost for your development processes will be lower in long term, if you decide to go with a mobile app development company. This also means you will have less distractions to focus on the initial stages of a startup, which means a wide variety of tasks that surrounds the core concept. When you hire a reliable app developer to create the product that you need, you can focus more on the growth aspects of the company, which are equally important to reach the success that you yearn for.

As a startup, you do not have the means to hire a complete team of mobile app builders including qualified designers, UI/UX experts, marketers, QA, copy editors etc. Especially if your startup uses the mobile app only as a tool to complement the rest of the business, there is no use of spending a large amount of money and time to build a mobile development team. This is when hiring a mobile development company makes more sense.

If you go for a Mobile Development company like Thiken, you will be provided with knowledge on the initial promotional and growth aspects of the startup as well.


Confidentiality can be a problem when you outsource your mobile app, since your idea is valuable and unique. A solution for this would be always working with companies with a high level of integrity which offers a NDA before your initial discussions with them.

When working with a mobile development company, you do not get to control their time and the way activities are done in the way you control your own team. Therefore, it is important that you select a company with a good communication system which offers you frequent updates, ideally following an agile method of development.

The final verdict, however, depends on your budget and the nature of your startup. If mobile development is an ongoing aspect of your business, it is better to start building your team as early as possible; however, hiring a mobile development team to build your app is faster, hassle-free, more affordable and likely to be better in quality.