v1.0 — Production ready OSS device agent for any cloud IoT platform

Roshan Kumar
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3 min readFeb 27, 2024


We are thrilled to announce the official release of open source 1.0. This release marks a significant leap forward in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge, high-quality software that empowers device developers.

The project was initiated by a collection of enterprises that all faced the common challenges involved in the IoT enablement of industrial devices. Or more precisely, to make the integration of any IoT device with any cloud and IoT platform easy, reliable and without eco-system lock-in.

With thin-edge 1.0, Linux based IoT devices can be easily connected to any cloud or IoT Platform (AWS, Azure, Cumulocity). IoT data can be reliably transferred to the cloud using MQTT. Using this MQTT connection, the device can be fully controlled over-the-air (OTA) from the cloud to perform software, firmware, configuration and other management tasks. can run on a wide variety of hardware, from small, embedded Linux devices with very low RAM footprint to large, multi-core industrial servers (IPC) covering many operating systems e.g. Debian/Ubuntu, Alpine, RHEL, Fedora, Pokey (Yocto) etc. and a variety of CPU architectures. It also comes ready to work in container environments. A quick brief on some of the major capabilities:

  • IoT Platform Connectivity — has out of the box support for connecting to multiple IoT providers (AWS, Azure, Cumulocity) securely, and the ability to be easily extendible for others.
  • Firmware Management: With, over-the-air updates are handled for your firmware image in a fully resilient manner leveraging commonly available firmware update tools like Mender, Rugpi.
  • Software Management: Software Management handles software packages end to end from a cloud down to the OS of your device. A lot of software packages (e.g. deb, rpm, apk, docker) are already supported and adding others is quite easy.
  • Configuration Management: With we fully support changing the configuration of any application or a specific parameter on your device easily.
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Gain valuable insights into your device’s operations with comprehensive log management. Monitor, track and analyze system activities, errors, and events in real-time, empowering you to troubleshoot efficiently and make informed decisions. Also, enjoy secure and seamless remote access, enabling you to monitor, troubleshoot, and manage your device from anywhere in the world

Our messaging-based backbone allows you to easily extend the capabilities of your device with your own or ready to use 3rd party modules. Many industrial protocol drivers (Modbus, OPC UA and more) and analytics environment (Node-RED) are available as community contributions but as highlighted, has all the fundamentals ready to onboard new protocol or analytics tool. Check out our rich community plugins to choose from.

Finally, is built with ground-up secure design and high robustness and native performance with the choice of Rust as a programming language. But at the same time, it gives the freedom for custom components to be written in any programming language.

Whilst 1.0.0 is a massive milestone in the project, we’re still committed to continuing implementing new features, so stay tuned. Try out and we look forward to your feedback.

To keep updated on our progress, follow us on LinkedIn or join our community GitHub or our Discord channel.