Your Desk! — Contribute

Share the Thing on YOUR Desk. You can be a contributor to this thing thing which Medium calls a ‘publication.’ No special tests or credentials required.

You become a ‘contributor’ then can contribute a pic now and then when you wish. Here‘s’ the simple process on contributing.

  1. Become a contributor. Easy — just ask. Tweet* to @rossgk so I can add you as a contributor. Then you can take a pic and submit stuff when you want. Medium’s approach is that ‘publications’ have ‘editors’ and ‘contributors’ like a magazine. It’s easy though. You just submit and the editor (me) clicks publish when I get a notification of a submission.
  2. Now Submit a thing — Click “New Story” under your avatar at the top right of the screen. Write few words, add a photograph. If you submit several pieces at once, I may delay for a bit to mix up contributors content just for variety’s sake, to break up the stream.
  3. Take a Pic — Try to photograph just the thing. Move other stuff out of the way if you can, so it’s not a thing in a sea of other things. Oh, and…
  4. Be Careful! — Sometimes we have important, private, or personal things on our desks. So frame your shot so you don’t give away your password or home address on an envelope.
  5. Have Fun — What makes your desk different than others? Those will be fun things for visitors to see. Stuff unique to your personality, your job, your taste in figurines. Share one.
  6. Words — add a sentence or three, but don’t get too carried away. Visitors publication will want a quick fun/interesting/quirky thing, rather than a long essay.
  7. Usual disclaimer — we’ll pass on including anything obviously offensive, racist, spam/advertising, foaming-at-the-mouth-political rants, or sexually explicit. Keep it clean folks.

*If you’re not a twitter user you can request to contribute by highlighting a bit of text and clicking the ‘+’ icon to add a note right here too. Messy but it works.

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