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A Wild Few Weeks

Hello Things! What a wild few weeks it has been. As you will probably know, almost the entire team has been in the US for NFT LA. It was awesome. Let’s give a little recap for those of you who couldn’t make it out to LA.

En route to the convention


First off, the conference was awesome. It was a really well planned and executed event, with top quality speakers like Bobby Hundreds, Franky Nines, Mark Cuban, Neil Strauss and Steve Aoki. The facilities were great. The staff were awesome. And thankfully the weather wasn’t great, so nobody minded being inside all day. The event was held in downtown LA at LA Live which made for a great hub for us and the other teams travelling from all over the world to be there.

NFT LA 2022


We rolled into NFT LA deep, as part of a collaboration / partnership of teams. The idea was to pull our collective logistics and communities to show up as a unit at both the exhibitor conference and the community party we threw (more on that later). It worked out awesome, and is definitely something we were proud to be a part of — and want to do more of in the future.

Party Things


Collaboration is central to everything that we love about Web3. A lot of the time, projects in the space can fall into a trend of siloing themselves but we, like many others, have found that through building and creating together the outcome is much better, and a lot more fun. The Thingdoms booth at the convention was literally connected to the booths for SupDucks, 3Landers, Breadaverse and Peaceful Groupies which made for a productive (and fun) time. New partnerships were made and existing friendships were made even stronger.

Pablo’s Crocs
Breadaverse Things 🍞

T-Shirt Bob

Oh, we also brought along our friend Robbie (affectionately known as T-Shirt Bob) all the way from Scotland to assist us in printing some super limited-edition Thingdoms merch… These shirts were printed on site, and were given away free to anyone who wanted one 😉

T-Shirt Bob
Thingdoms 🤝 FOMO MOFO
Limited-edition Thing swag


As part of our activation at NFT LA, we threw a mega party with the above projects. Let’s cut to the chase. It was awesome. The shindig took place at a sick venue in downtown LA, just down the road from the convention centre. There was live music, free drinks, dope cars, arcade games, and most importantly a load of awesome communities that came together for a good ol’ knees up. The Thingdoms crew turned up in style, and in numbers. It was awesome to meet so many of you.

We try to stress this as often as we can, but our community is everything to us. What we have all built together is special. This is a real community with real friendships. It was really humbling to see that in real life at the party and we look forward to doing so again. Together we prosper.

Our Team

Aside from meeting all of you — we also had a unique opportunity in LA to properly meet our team! Believe it or not, the majority of us had not met in person before. D33J4Y, GomGom, Eman, B-Love, Robbie, Eoghan and me (Luke) all turned up in LA, with the majority of us sharing a house together for the duration of the trip. It was a lot of fun. Hanging out together, having IRL conversations, playing pool, having a wee drink and going out for meals together was awesome — and an incredibly valuable team building experience.

Bullish on this team — not bullish on the weather

As founders, Eoghan and I are extremely bullish on the team of creatives, technologists, advisors, moderators, and just generally good people we have around us. We always were, but getting (almost) everyone together in LA was extremely reaffirming and gave us even more energy to build what we are already building.

Post LA — a return to normality

On getting back from LA, we’ve got some catching up to do. Having everyone in one place meant moderating the server was more difficult than usual — but thankfully we have some fantastic mods which were able to tend to things in our absence.

Special shoutout to Elletronic and Scrappy.

We’ve also resumed fulfilment of Thingdrop001 which will be fully shipped by the end of this week. We’re thankful for the patience of the community in completing this merch drop.

Looking forward

Next week we’ll be diving deeper into new developments. We mentioned in a previous update that we’re moving to a more explicit roadmap which will allow for inclusivity and a discursive approach to the project’s future. We’ll jump into more detail around this and try to provide greater insight into the progress we’ve made in utilising new tools like

Vision Comms

The way we see it, from vision to implementation there can exist multiple levels of complexity in the way we structure our plans.

At the highest level there exists a more concise vision which will capture the overall flavour and direction of what we strive to achieve. We feel like this level of vision should be easy to understand for the community and will give an easily digestible sense of the mission we’re aiming for.

Thingpaper V2

Our intention is to release Thingpaper V2 next week.

This document will illustrate more clearly the direction of Thingdoms as a project, highlighting current and future areas of interest. Thingpaper V1 was perhaps a little conceptual (intentionally); Thingpaper V2 will strive for greater concreteness.

For example, in Thingpaper V1 we talked about ‘imagining the future of web3’. Thinkpaper V2 will dig deeper on this and underline our intention to ready our holders for the metaverse.

We hope that this concise breakdown of our focusses will go a long way in helping our community better understand the direction we are taking, and will continue to take.


We mentioned previously we will be bringing more platforms into the mix to help us understand and incorporate community feedback better. What we look to achieve on tools like will exist below this higher level vision, getting closer to implementation details but still somewhat high level, capturing what amount to features of the project. This will be broken down into smaller units than what might be communicated in the vision at the highest level. This will allow for transparency in the progress of various goals and allow for some accountability in the timeliness of their delivery.

Hopefully this will help us to be more transparent about the day to day at ThingHQ. For example right now, amongst many things; we are developing a new communication strategy, we are in the process of employing for multiple positions, we are building a new website/platform, we are fine tuning our merch production and fulfilment strategy, as well as doing everything we can to improve the security of our Discord server. These are all things that go on behind the scenes that in our opinion don’t necessarily warrant formal communications about, but are nonetheless interesting (and reassuring for our community to be aware of).

Thingdrop 001

Getting lower level

Below all of this we use platforms to manage the backlog of work. This isn’t a visible component of our activities but we thought it might be useful for the community to understand that there is a clear methodology to how we pipeline all work.

We use a tool called Shortcut which allows us to bag items of work into larger pieces called Epics. We organise our work in “Sprints” (1 or 2 week cycles), which take “User stories” (small items of work with points representing their complexity) from any epics we wish to prioritise.

When populating the backlog on a tool like Shortcut, it’s important to get very explicit about the criteria which will fulfil a definition of completeness for any User story. This is therefore a level of abstraction which can get into the weeds in a way which, if brought to the forefront of our outward communication of our goals, might detract from the clarity we’re striving for.

We intend to start sharing our vision at the higher levels going forward and next week will be the start of this new approach.

Stay Thingy.



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