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From the limited communication we have made with the Things over the past few weeks, what has become abundantly clear is that they fully intend to travel into space.

We thought it was a joke. It’s not.

Thing #4458 is particularly committed to the voyage, and actually seems to be ringleader.

Thing #4588

Over the past week, #4458 has been distributing space suits to any Thing that wants one.

They’re plotting something…

We’ve tried to talk them out of it — but that only made them more dedicated. We even offered them help, but they just said they had it under control.

Things are inherently peaceful beings, so we’re not worried, but when we asked them what they hoped to achieve from their mission, they were typically mysterious and didn’t give any real answers

However, we did find this document…

We have no idea what it means…

We’ve tried our best to decipher what’s going on, but we’re as bamboozled as you are. They seem to know what they are doing though so that gives us some confidence…

The Thingdoms Explorer launch is currently scheduled to be broadcast at 23:00 GMT/ 16:00 PST/ 18:00 CST/ 19:00 EST on 2nd March 2022, at

Snapshot date announced soon.

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