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So, WTF are Samples anyway?

The Things brought the samples back to the Lab, where they’ve been examining them under high-end microscopes and subjecting them to all manner of rigorous scientific tests.

So far, the samples are proving quite unusual — we might even say, otherworldly. They seem to react positively to ThingFM (although who doesn’t?). And whenever a Thing touches one, the space around them seems to almost transform — with a dizzying array of pulsing and flowing colors that disappear again the second the Thing steps back.

Thing Lab collection on OpenSea

The samples — and Thing Lab, more broadly — represents our first expansion of the Thingdoms universe. They are quite literally “samples,” in the sense that they’re sample swatches of Luke’s art, as well as the first view into the space around the Things themselves.

Thing Lab is an intentionally flexible concept: as a Thingdoms sub-brand, it’s cool, experimental, and — importantly — expansible.

Growing Thingdoms this way lets us add new avenues of possibility to our universe, without diluting the original Thing collection.

Thing #6361

As creators and storytellers, we are constantly looking for ways to create new experiences for our holders — but we will only ever do this in ways that respect the scarcity of the original collection.

Introducing a collection of ERC-1155 tokens into our ecosystem allows us to do this in a creative way.

In the future, samples might have a range of utilities — either on their own, or in combination with Things. They could behave like serums or potions, or function as mint passes, for example.

And of course, there’s the potential for “Co-Labs” with other projects and creators.

First and foremost however, their primary utility is aesthetic, and we’re excited to to be able to gift them to you.

Like with everything else in Thingdoms, both the story and utility of the samples will unspool over time. But one thing is clear already, however: our scientists seem confident that each space sample can serve multiple purposes…



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