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The SAMPLES snapshot is complete…

After days lost in space, further contact has been made with the Thingdoms Explorer. We have it on good information, the ship has found a steady trajectory towards Earth…

To prepare for its return — with the SAMPLES that were collected by the Things in space — there was a snapshot of all Thing owner wallets.

The snapshot is now complete.


  • We have created a database of all wallets that owned Things at the time of the snapshot.
  • Owners will receive 1 sample per Thing they own, regardless of where they are stored.
  • In the next few days the Thingdoms team will bulk send the SAMPLES to the snapshotted wallets.
  • At present, the distribution of the SAMPLES is scheduled to begin on Tuesday.
  • The process of bulk sending 10,000 NFTs can take some time, so please be patient.
  • The SAMPLES will be sent to wallets from the Thingdoms verified account on OpenSea, and will belong to our Thing Lab collection.
  • Artwork for the SAMPLES will be revealed on Friday.

More info soon.



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