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VaynerSports Pass x Thingdoms

Wen legs? Wen collab? Wen Things playing sports?

How’s about next week?

Last night we announced a really cool partnership & collaboration VaynerSports Pass to create a 25,555 piece collection that is available only to VSP and Thingdoms owners.

Introducing SPORTS THINGS.

The Sports Things collection will feature Thingdoms and VSP IP

This is our first foray into developing the Thingdoms IP with an external partner and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

AJ has been a long-time supporter of our project, and it feels like really organic opportunity to partner with a project and an ecosystem at the very top of the game.

The collection will feature 10 sports, and will have a rarity system

As promised, here’s a little bit more info about the mint, and what to expect:

Sports Things Mint FAQ:

What are Sports Things?

Sports Things is the name of the partner mint collection with VaynerSports Pass.

**How many NFTs are there in the Sports Things collection?**

There are 25,555 NFTs in the collection to match the supply of VSP (15,555) + Thingdoms (10,000).

**What kind of token is the Sports Things collection?**

ERC721, meaning each Sports Thing is totally unique.

**How will the mint work?**

The mint will take place on the VSP. We’ll provide an exact link on mint day and from there you’ll be able to go to the site, connect your wallet and it’ll show you how many Sports Things you’ll be able to mint.

**How much will it cost to mint?**

This is a free mint + gas for all VSP & Thingdoms holders. The long minting window is intended to ensure that gas remains low.

**Can I mint all my Sports Things in one transaction?**

Yes — whether you hold 1 Thing or multiple Things, you’ll be able to mint all of your Sports Things in the same transaction.

**Is there any utility associated with the Sports Things collection?**

For now the art is the utility, but we’ve left the door open for inclusion into our overall game theory.



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