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We’re Hiring.

This week we are really excited to announce the first of a few new hires, and additions to the Thingdoms team.

Introducing our new Vibes Boss, Discord General Manager, and resident moustache — @D33J4Y#7219.

D33J4Y’s moustache captured in the wild — LA, 2022.

In previous updates we’ve stated our intention to continue to build our team, and importantly, build from within the community where possible. With that being said, we’re delighted to have D33J4Y onboard in a more formal context. Like all of our Mods, D33J4Y has been a massive part of Thingdoms so far. He also came out to LA with us for NFT LA, where we were able to verify the authenticity of his moustache IRL. It’s very real, and it’s very good.

D33J4Y will continue is his role as a moderator in the server, but will also help Eoghan and I continue to grow the Thingdoms brand, assisting us with the day to day management of the server, amongst other things.

Welcome to the team D33J4Y.



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