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Paralysis by analysis

If you’re an over-thinker, raise your hand!

Thinking is good. When we make decisions, take tests or solve problems, thinking is necessary. Although there are times when we spend most of our time thinking and less doing. And I think that is dangerous af.

When thinking becomes overthinking, productivity plummets. Take a look at this graph:

A doodle on this thought from my journal. I think it’s a perfect way to explain this topic.

Let the x-axis represent the amount of time we all spend thinking and the y-axis be the level of productivity. As you go along the x-axis, you’ll see the the bigger the amount of time goes, productivity also increases. However, when time hits a certain value, the maximum point of the (badly drawn) curve, productivity decreases.

In simpler English, when you cross the line, you feed yourself to danger. It means opening the door for negative thoughts to stampede into your mind. If you want to keep the productivity level up, keep that door closed.

Of course, the x value of the border varies depending on the nature of the situation. When you’re trying to solve a math problem, the x is way far from zero. But when you’re trying to ask the person you like out? Babe, x is 0.0000002.

This is #5 of Things I learned during my gap year

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