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My Appa, the clown

Is it normal to have such a quirky dad?

In the middle of my class on direct object pronouns, I remembered my father. Nothing related to pronouns or the class in itself, but random things.

He would stand at the gate to our house during exam time and do a mini-drill :

Being on time…

Why are Indians known to be late? Are they, really?

I have come across various articles where Indians are quoted to be late for their appointments or to the work place. Nay, even I get pulled up from time to time by my European boss for not being in time. Though I wonder, when I reach a class that begins at 10 AM at 10:02, am I “late” ? I am often…

My Coffee Maker

One-of-a-kind, modern yet very very vintage. 

Like every other coffee maker in the market, mine begins its day before I wake up. As I toss and turn, kicking away random bits of animal life snuggled around me, the aroma comes looking for me. Slowly, I wake up to life.

I amble down the stairs to reach that cup that has appeared, as…

Why do I write?

Why I cannot stop writing….

Last night, I sat up thinking for a long time. It had a lot to do with my life so far. Many mistakes, yes, many good things too. With the ticking minutes of the clock, my mind wandered to the one question that I always try to answer: Why do I write?[Very Sartre-ish, unfortunately for him!]

Apple’s Transformation

iOS 7 is the New Beginning

During last six, or so months, there have been many articles commenting, or speculating on Apple’s prospects as a…

App Store & The Nonexistent Problem of Pricing

The Price is Hardly Ever a Problem

Nice article by Elia Freedman, founder & CEO of Infinity Softworks commenting on the issues with Apple App Store pricing:

The problem with app pricing has almost nothing to do with pricing. (Surprise!) The problem is distribution. And this…

Not Feeling The Love Between Nokia & Microsoft

When a cool company cannot manage the OS that it builds the devices for

How travel helps us keep life in perspective.

On culture shock, reverse culture shock & remembering what matters most

Isn’t It Ironic?

Americans and Irony

Americans have long been fascinated with the oddness of the British, but the English, says Terry Eagleton, find their transatlantic neighbors just as strange. In his new book, Across the Pond, Eagleton dissects the manners and mores of Americans from the other side of the Atlantic. What follows is an excerpt from the book, in stores

How To Be Happy

Simple steps to lead a simple and content life.

7. Stop checking email in the morning.

Buyer Beware

Shopping online is one of my favorite ways to get what I want at a price that I can afford. There are loads of flash sales, discounts, and even coupons for just about every…

Every Great Story Ends

I couldn't tell you exactly when, but at some point during my education, I learned that stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Of course, that was back in the…

Free transportation for life

I've been privileged to be able to own both of Tesla's models (Roadster and Model S sedan) over the past four years. During that time I drove 15k+ miles and…

Pay Yourself First

Research, workout, or write down your thoughts each morning. Don’t check email, as that’s paying someone else.

Just write

I was stuck. I’ve been meaning to get back to writing for a long time. I tried; but to no avail. “Why the heck is it so difficult?”—I thought.

Why I love Twitter and barely tolerate Facebook

For the past decade, I’ve tried every new social media product to come along but I find myself returning to the two giants of the industry…

Things I Love
Things I Love

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