Sunset over Pudget Sound by Megan Whalin

Things I’ve learned about Seattle thus far

From Denver to the Pacific Northwest

  1. Umbrellas aren’t the local way. Apparently, they would rather a raincoat with an oversized hood. Not for me! I’m setting a new trend, what with my awesome new umbrellas my dad got me.
  2. Trader Joe’s is as cool as people boast. Two bottles of wine, balsamic vinegar, organic cane sugar, and dijon mustard all for $24. All organic, all natural.
  3. I bought my Orca Card yesterday (how appropriately named, right?). This reloadable card allows you to ride the bus, trolley, or lightrail, easy-peasy.
  4. You’ll have a hard time finding air conditioning in this town. It doesn’t get hot so most restaurants, homes, rentals, and apartments don’t have them.
  5. Seattle doesn’t believe in screens for their windows or doors. And with the lack of A/C, you control the temperature of your home with your opened windows. Say hello to bug bites!
  6. Coffee’s a big deal around here. Seriously.
  7. Seattle folks don’t pronounce the letter ‘w’ like ‘double-you.’ Instead, it’s pronounced ‘dub.’ University of Washington is referred to as UW, or ‘you-dub.’
  8. Unlike Coloradans, these folks become strangers during the summer months: they’re soaking up as much of the glorious weather before the rain sets in.
  9. It’s considered pretty rad if you have a view of the water, even though it’s so plentiful. We have a view of the sound. We’re pretty rad.
  10. Seattle charges 5 cents for every bag, including clothing stores. BYOB has a whole new meaning.
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