Closing The First Loop

Nick Crocker
Sep 8, 2015 · 2 min read

I’m writing something every day for #100days. I took a 33 day hiatus while we had our first child, a boy, Oscar. This is post 84/100.

When I asked my Mum how it felt to finally be a Grandma, she replied:

“It feels like I’ve closed the loop.”

I like the idea that having a child closes a first loop.

And that your child having a child closes the second.

Aside from the scale of the awe, the most surprising thing about having a child has been the realisation that we can create life.

I think I had resigned myself to the idea that as you get older, more people die.

I used this in a positive way, to motivate me to make more of my days.

But in a sense, my world-view anticipated the future just slowly constricting.

Knowing that you can create life changes that.

Knowing that you can make the inner circle bigger. Knowing that you can turn back death, not forever, but for a little while.

Knowing that is the best thing.

We closed the first loop.

Nick Crocker

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