Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Heeding the simplest, most impactful advice. 

The single-most useful piece of tennis coaching I ever received was just six words:

“Keep your eye on the ball”.

This advice would seem obvious, but for anyone who’s played tennis, it’s a remarkably hard thing to consistently implement.

There’s a big difference between consciously keeping your eye on the ball, focussing on its tiny hairs as it spins towards you, and just hitting it back in the normal flow of the game.

When you can maintain it, the impact of this advice is profound. It will improve your game, instantly, by an order of magnitude.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money over the years on new racquets, strings, books, coaching and ball-machine hire to try and get better.

I wonder if some of that energy would have been better directed towards heeding what I already knew.

“Keep your eye on the ball.”

When it comes to behaviour change, the same is also true.

The things you need to know, you already do.

More water, less soda, more vegetables, less volume, cook more, eat out less.

The fetishisation of health, into cults of Paleo and Vegan and Crossfit and TRX serves only to distract from the most simple, impactful messages we all agree on.

When it comes to behaviour change, the goal isn’t to find another source of new information, another new theory or complex tool.

It’s just to refocus on consistently applying the simple truths you already know.

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