Modern Life and The Slow Decline

Nick Crocker
Jan 11, 2015 · 4 min read

1. Getting Older

Most people don’t catastrophically lose their health, it just ebbs away from them day by day.

2. Never Pushing Your Limits

Modern adult life presents very few opportunities to by physically exhausted in a good way.

3. A Lack of Context

University and High School provide an environmental context that supports athletic excellence.

Slivers of Hope

I’ve found this context for brief periods in my life.

A Solution

The answer to the problem is to create an environment around you by:

  • assembling a ‘team’
  • working with a coach
  • practicing
  • regularly competing, and
  • keeping score in an objective, measurable way.
  • You’d train regularly (2–5x per week) under the guidance of discipline-specific coaches.
  • You’d do regular benchmarking to track your progress.

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    Nick Crocker

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