Twenty-Five Times
Running Shoe Designers
Lost Their Freaking Minds

(I’m writing something every day for #100days. This is post 48/100.)

Men’s running shoes are so often the worst colours.

There are some basic principles about how colours work together, about how you can combine them to create aesthetic pleasure, that somehow gets obliterated in the world of running shoes.

I do not understand it.

These are billion dollar companies, with marketing and customer insight teams hundreds of people strong.

They must show these things to real people.

They must ask them — “how do you like this colour”.

They must be in meetings, and show each other these colourways.

And then they must agree to proceed.

They must get sign-off from someone.

They must see them in testing on the factory floor.

— “Oh. I like that green.

— “Can we bring the red up in those airbags?

— “That orange needs to be brighter.

— “That’s better. But what about some more green?”

Each of these shoes requires many people’s involvement to get made.

Many people to say, “Yep, that font’s big enough.

To say, “Yep, that yellow’s bright enough.

To say, “Yep, I love the simplicity of this one.

What is the insight that’s driving this?

How are we, as consumers, continuing to sanction this?

vom·it — ˈvämət/
1. matter vomited from the stomach.
synonyms: vomitus;
rash — raSH/
1. an area of reddening of a person’s skin, sometimes with raised spots, appearing especially as a result of allergy or illness.
synonyms: spots, a breakout, an eruption;
sore — sôr/
1. a raw or painful place on the body.
synonyms: inflammation, swelling, lesion;

These are the colours that children choose randomly from a box of crayons.

These are the hallucinations of a dog sedated for a tooth extraction.

I do not understand.