Arresting Service

This week introduces us to two citizens confused about the meaning of the police motto to protect and to serve. 
 A Baltimore woman mistook a law enforcement officer for a refuse collector. After being stopped for a traffic violation, the officer noticed marijuana odor emanating from her car.
 Asked to step out of the vehicle, she handed the officer her partially smoked blunt. A search of her car turned up weed, cocaine, and heroin. After that, she learned to protect meant a ride to the jail and disposal of all her product. 
 A Michigan man assumed to serve implied a light when he needed one. As he passed a traffic stop on the side of the road, he pulled over and requested a light for his cigarette from the traffic cop. When the officer indicated he was a bit busy, the man then called 911 to complain about the lack of service. 
 When the police discovered he called 911 on them, they served up an arrest for being drunk and annoying.

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