Hash Eating Contest

This week brings news of a guy with weed in Louisiana, a specialist in being conspicuous. With his car full of weed and Xanax pills he chooses to drive in the wee hours of the morning. 
 As his vehicle saunters across many lanes, the police happen to notice the meandering progress. It’s not like there’s lots of traffic on the road at that time. The fact his ride is missing a license plate initiates a wish to speak with him. 
 But he continues rambling, going from one lane to another, ignoring the lights and siren for several miles. Changing his mind suddenly, he bobs on over to the side of the road
 The smell of marijuana pours out the car as the window rolls down. A search of his auto reveals marijuana scattered about and no driver’s license. 
 He explains he didn’t pull over immediately because he was too busy struggling to eat all the pot. 
 He lost the hash eating contest, won the prize for the variety of charges and a special mention for presenting the perfect target to law enforcement.

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