Things That Should Exist

Through our work with Now or Never, we talk to a lot of customers and companies. Like, a lot. As part of our process and research we often uncover opportunities or ideas that we feel should exist in the market but that don’t yet have a client home.

There comes a point where instead of trying to find the right client, doing the consulting dance with that comes with it, you just get to the point where you say “screw it, let’s make this thing”.

That’s what this publication is about.

Behind each concept is a rationale, why did this thing come to be, an explanation of the idea, who it’s for, reasons to believe in it and a landing page. Instead of the post it note hitting the cutting room floor, or us hiding our ideas in case someone might steal them, the intention is if someone wants to make it real, then brilliant.

And we hope to be a part of it.




Through our work at Now or Never, we often identify big ideas outside of our projects that really should be a thing. This is our attempt at getting them some traction.

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Iain Montgomery

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