Indira & Isidro Designers


Isidro Sanchez, under the tutelage of master jeweler Felipe Dominguez, came into contact with jewelry for the first time in 1985 in Cancun. Today, he employs Mexican techniques that create a vintage style. His attention to details and extra time dedicated to each piece bring added value to all his jewelry. To create a harmony of design, Isidro carefully selects every stone according to its brightness and color. He seeks to tell a story with his designs and convey the character of his creations.

Eagle carved in deer horn, silver .925, gold18K, orange and emerald sapphires.

A meeting with Indira Lopez allowed us to observe how she experiments with materials, concepts and processes to create contemporary jewelry. Indira is inspired by the challenge of working with rough, polished or inlaid stones to make her designs.

In all of Indira’s designs, it is very important that the stone be in contact with the skin. It is a hallmark of her creations.

FRAGMENT OF SKY: Mother pearl adorned with Mexican opal, silver.950, rusty finished
Tendencia El Arte de Viajar Atlas. Vol. 25, 2015.

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